...... more smalls

Abundant Spirit

The Wind

1000 French Kisses

I think you can tell I am really enjoying creating small figures with spirit...

In order to hang at the Timberline Small Wonders show nothing can be larger than 10"....I have a large stash of bits and pieces of fabric and other special little bits of this and that.....
these little spirits allow me to use them....
so as long as they keep talking to me, I will keep making them...

I'm going to be at the Mind Shop Bookstore in Oakhurst from 11am-4pm on Saturday the 10th...I'll have some of the smalls with me. I'm going to bring some clay to make masks with....You can make one too.

I'll be sharing space with the enchanting and talented joAnn Burgess, I collect her wonderful pixel angels...and the enchanting and talented water colorist Vicki Thomas...Come and see us if you can!


Beadwright said...

Hi all of the dolls are great but my fave is the second one. Love the hair.

Sue said...

I immediately zero'd in on
The Wind - her blowing hair, the colours and the flower
brought to mind the warm, enchanting breezes of Spring.

I like all of these, but The Wind is my fave.



Deb said...

Beautiful creations Julie. They were all waiting for such a time as this.

Praying Horse said...

I think I may be able to make it into Oakhurst this Saturday, and see some of these lovely creations! Maybe play with clay also.

The yoga class is at the Old Mill on Monday nights.

Thanks for your good wishes!


julie mitchell said...

Thank you...I like Wind a lot too...but I have to be careful, each one things she is my favorite.
Megan, it would be nice to see you Saturday...I will probably head up to Timberline around 4pm...and the Mind Shop earlier. One of the Timberline artists teaches yoga...but at his home.
Deb!! Where have you been? You've been missed.
hug, hug

Snowbrush said...

"Abundant Spirit" is just entirely too precious.

Anonymous said...

Love your abundant sprit.

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