The Lake

through you
I am all things
in your depths the world is quiet
I remember
I am silence
along your shore
waters warm
I remember
I am the heat of the sun
floating on your skin
caressed between your water
and sky
I breathe and I am buoyant
feet buried in your sands
I am rooted
in water languid
in air spirit
when I swim
through your body
I am movement alive
we are
much the same
my body is earth
container of living waters
you flow with and around all you meet
a mutable dance
changing form
liquid ice mist
honoring always the substance of who you are enduring endlessly through all whom you nurture...

This beautiful photo and poem are from Tammie Lee's Spirithelpers blog...
Tammie has a true gift for seeing nature in all her glory and Spirithelpers is one of my favorite places to go to get in touch with Spirit...
her photography is over-the-top wonderful...
add her words and chances are you'll be feeling Spirit too.
She is a gentle gift.

I send you here to share the joy.


Tammie said...

Lovely Lady Julie,
I forgot you were going to post this. I felt utterly surprised and pleased when I saw this. This feels like the best way to award someone. If I could hug you, I would!

I think I am writing this with my other blogs link... tricky going back and forth with different blogs.

Wishing you a lovely weekend.
My heart bows to you for connecting with me. xo

Sea Gypsy said...

I love the poem and will visit her blog! It really is beautiful and the picture calms the spirit! I am so excited about you being in the book! There is nothing like seeing your work published! I will try to pick one up next month. I have had to cut back on my book buying, but this looks like a must get!
That was the best definition for Folk art! Yes, I agree with you about the future and how the work will be looked upon.

Beadwright said...

Thank you for sharing this. It is very inspiring and so beautifu.

julie mitchell said...

Tammie, I'm glad you're pleased. I felt the hug. Heart bowing back..
Gypsy, Yes, visit Tammie often..Yes, being in the book is making me happy...yes, do get a copy, it's beautiful...artist from all over the world. It's discounted on Amazon. I liked the definition too...we do what women have always done, create with our hands using what's at hand...and most of what we do could be done in a circle.
Nicole, it is truly my pleasure.

Snowbrush said...

Wow, both are beautiful.

julie mitchell said...

Snow, glad you like Tammie's photography and poems...She is a very nice person on top of it...
big hugs to you...hope you are having a good day..

merci33 said...

Hi Julie
First of all thanks so much for hopping over and leaving a couple of comments on my blog...with all that's going on in 'Blog Triage' I hadn't seen them till jus tnow.
And big congrats on being included in the textile book your work looks stunning.
I have much you know Alyson piles it on!!
so back I go to get as much out of this as possible...looking forward to coming back and seeing you.

Angela Recada said...

How beautiful! Thanks for the link. I'll pop over there next.

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