deer kissie face....

Not too long ago I was walking my dogs and a cat up in the ‘back forty’…Maia and Zoe we’re up in front of me and around the bend on the path we have worn. I looked over my shoulder, ever alert for Miss Deer, and sure enough she was about 100 yards behind me…..We saw each other at the same time…her tail went up and she start prancing in my direction, happy to see me…THEN she got closer she saw Maia…this is when the Deer morphed into something much different than Bambi......

Her ears went back and all her fur, and she has a very thick winters coat, went straight up and out from her body making her look bigger, her eyes took on a glow and she started RUNNING towards Maia.

Well let me tell you, my heart took a huge leap in my chest, recognizing before my head did, that I needed to keep Maia out of harms way. I turned toward the Deer and made a loud growling, roaring sound and she stopped..... thank me enough time to get Maia by the collar and start down the hill…..with Deer in hot pursuit……

Believe me, never in my wildest dreams did I ever envision running from a scary looking deer. I never thought a deer could look scary! Maia and I got inside the gate and I latched it….by then Maia was wanting to mix it up with the Deer so she was barking and running up and down the fence, with the Deer still looking much like something out of a dream gone wrong.....prancing around, pawing at the ground and making a very strange sound…somewhat like a cross between a cow and a goat.

I cried and cried that night, I think over my loss of innocence. I have mentioned here I had noticed a change between how the Deer and Maia were interacting… more play…but I didn’t think it had advanced to such a energetically violent stage….these two DO NOT LIKE each other.

But Deer still likes me….and I still like her, I love watching her even when she is eating my jasmine…..However I can’t bare the thought of something happening to Maia…or to the Deer for that matter...but Maia comes first and I'm wondering how this will all play out.

And their relationship is very strange.....the other day I went to the door and Maia was pressed against it as hard as possible, and there was the Deer, about 3 feet from Maia all bushed up and with fire in her eyes….no soft doe eyes here….but Maia wasn’t wanting to do battle…she wanted in the house.

Last night she chased us down the hill again and that’s after napping near the front gate for much of the day with both dogs doing the same thing less than 10 feet away…???

Anyway I cried because she scared me, because we can't be friends, not really....and because I don’t want bad things to happen. I was angry at the people who humanized her. I was mad at my husband for not being scary enough to run her off and keep her from coming back. I cried because she lives such a solitary existence and she seems to want to be part of something,

And as I sit here writing I can see that she snoozing up behind the house in the sun…what to do? what to do? enjoy, julie

...the wild flowers are peeking out!

Do you believe in fairies? … If you believe clap your hands.
James M. Barrie

...One World, One Heart

I received my package of wonderful goodies from the talented and inspiring Deb at Katura Greetings the other day.... Her generosity and the wonder of her art truly touched me. Not only did she send the the promised paper, beads and tribal centerpiece, she also included this Winged Heart and....
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One World One Heart

.........she gave me this wonderful little figure Sora...Deb's work looks fabulous on her blog but when you actually have one of her creations in your hand you can feel Deb's loving energy,....her art is filled with it....I was overwhelmed. Thank you Deb!! I'm showing your pieces to everyone who will look!
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Friendships & Sacred Sunday

Sioux & Me....

I had occasion to hang out with a friend I haven’t spent any time with in 14 years but we slipped back into friendship as if we talk every comfortable. All those years ago, we were together during one of those life changing times…….We have real caring and respect between us…love…you would probably say. Seeing her got me thinking how lucky I am to have friends, amazing women friends. And they are all so varied…The wave of energy I feel when I envision all my friends together almost knocks me over. These are creative, caring women…strong women, beautiful women, tender women, funny women, sisters really.....a mix of all the things that women are…Most likely I won’t ever see them all together like that… but they fill and illuminate different pockets in my life. I have my art friends, my ‘church’ friends, my healer friends, my friends who I don’t have much in common with, but who I simply enjoy….I don’t see them as often as I‘d like, or pick up the phone like I should…I could be a better friend….….

I experienced such good mojo the other night it got me thinking about friends and friendships and spirituality and the sacredness of friendships…..I think we help heal each other….in an emergency of the heart or the physical kind, women have the gather and tend response….we care for each other. I think the way blogging helps us to have a bigger family of friends is pretty wonderful…we can connect so easily, share so easily, inspire each other….cheer each other up and cheer each other on... so easily….we can be there. Pretty cool.
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...a new angel in my life.

I've been gifted with this little hanging angel.....Nancy from from all pulped out is the artist....isn't she wonderful? She's been given a place on one of my studio alters...She is my angel of "Meeting Deadlines".... :) Thank you Nancy!!! I love her. Hugs and namaste...julie
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Spirit Figure...mystic & Lance Armstrong...

Today Lance Armstrong and a zillion bicyclers, went through our neighboring town of Oakhurst where Timberline Art Gallery is located....It was a big deal...roads closed, people lined the streets to watch him go by...businesses a holiday. Anyway my friend, and fabulous fiber artist, jacquline Kurtt was watching from in front of the True Value store where she meets a couple from New York. After the bikes pass and the roads open she takes them up to Timberline Gallery. Well, she called me this afternoon to ask if it was alright with me if Mystic, my figure pictured here, went to New York? Well of course it's alright with me! I'm delighted to have the sale and so very delighted that I have friends who will work to sell my art as hard as they work to sell their own. We just can't have too many friends. I am feeling so blessed to have two sales in two days...blessed and excited...sending my Spirit Figures out into the world is the best feeling. Having friends is even better, it's my friends who lift me up.
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Spirit Figure

I sold this Spirit Figure while I was at Timberline Gallery today....She was purchased by a man who has been collecting my dolls for about 5 years. She is going to New Mexico as an anniversary gift for his son and daughter-in-law. She is being gifted!

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I’m wondering if there is a difference between someone who works “well under pressure” and someone who procrastinates?
I’m feeling energized and overwhelmed at the same time….I see many looming deadlines. A list of things I need to do as long as my arm and that’s just the art related list.
I was commenting to myself, as I often do, about the fact that I was feeling energized about working in my studio, a kind of excited urgency. However, self commented back that, “what you’re feeling is urgency because you’ve procrastinated and now you have LOOMING DEADLINES.” I don’t really know if that‘s it or not…What I know is that I have a never ending vision of figures lined up waiting to come into form….so I don’t lack inspiration, it’s everywhere….and that does excite me so maybe I’m just a person who does work “well under pressure”. …….I have so many visions, I often have a hard time funneling them through and onto my work table… they are all whispering, “me first”. Sometimes that can take days of starting and stopping, listening….
In all of this of course are the blessings….I have a studio to work in, I have inspiration, I have places to hang my art…there is interest in my Spirit Figures...they find homes, I meet my deadlines….
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...Gaia &Turtle Shrine

I didn't wake up one day and say the turtle is my totem…It evolved over many years, starting with just being drawn to them…At some point along the way my children, husband and friends, started gifting me with turtles...I'm called Turtle Mom every now and then.…..mostly for my slow start on things, not my wisdom. Turtles are grounding, magical and endearing. They help me remember to slow my brain down, and keep connected to this moment as much as possible….and they remind me stay open to the magic.

I’ve joined Sacred Life Sundays…It feels like another good way to stay connected to what is important especially at this time, on this plane….I have a lot of little alters inside and out…they aren’t static…I add and take away…they speak to me at different times and in different ways…they focus and remind.

Turtle is the oldest symbol for the Earth.It is the personification of goddess energy and the eternal Earth itself.
If you have a Turtle totem,you must be mindful of returning to the Earth what she has given you.Honor the creative source within you.Use water and earth energies to create a harmonious flow in your life.Ask the Earth for assistance and her riches will pour forth.
If a Turtle totem shows up in your life,slow down the pace of your life.Bigger, stronger, faster are not always the best ways to reach your goals.
Turtle is fine teacher of the art of grounding.When you learn to ground yourself to Earth's power and strength,you place focus on your thoughts and actions and use the Earth's limitless energies rather than your own to accomplish your will.
Turtle is the keeper of doors and one of the ways into the Faerie Realm.
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Well, I am feeling overwhelmed with the abundance in my life….not only did I have the best time visiting all the blogs involved in the OWOH event , I made new friends, found inspiration…AND I won two of the drawings!! I won a beautiful, colorful African themed cloth and a wonderful bundle of embellishments from Deb at Katura Greetings and from Spirit's Journey Designs I won one of Carols talking collages. I say talking because as soon as I saw it I could hear that little whisper of desire to have it here with me.

Deb at Katura Greetings is an artist extraordinaire…she does assemblage, fiber art, art dolls, stamping AND tutorials…so much talent…. Carol at Spirit's Journey Designs , is another artist blessed with humongous talent who does it all also …altered art, collage, AND free downloads….Their blogs are beautiful, inspired and inspirational. I feel blessed that some of their energy is coming my way!

….I’m feeling blessed with good mojo…thank you ladies for being part of owoh!!

Grandmother Oak

I'm certainly the lucky one in my family today, it's snowing here in the sierra foothills of central CA. It's snowing as low as 2000 feet, I'm at about 2200. It's the third time this week...a rare thing. Since snow is not part of our every day lives it stops life as we normally conduct it.

The electricity may go's part of a snowy day in Coarsegold...The road between here and the larger town of Oakhurst has already closed. My husband, daughter and son-in-law are all in Oakhurst. Many calls from my daughter this morning regarding that problem. School may close early...but the buses might not run. My grandson is at school on my side of the mt. If it snows much longer I most likely won't be able to get out of my driveway. Some problem solving may be needed today.

But at the moment, I am the lucky one....I'm tucked up in my chair, posting here by the fireplace, looking out the window at the show Mother Nature is providing. It is so pretty...we have a lot of oak trees on our property... oak trees, with snow in place of leaves are just beautiful. One of the trees is a 300+ year old Great Grandmother Oak. She is so stately....and beautiful at every time of year....I love to get up next to her and smell her and touch her moss covered bark, her trunk is huge, all those layers!......She has seen so much and provided so much. I just love her!

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...Spirit Figure ~ music man

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Thank you Ladies of the Caravan...(men too)

This has been a lot of fun. I've seen sooo many wonderful blogs. I've learned a lot about blogging. I've met some women I believe will become friends. I've read poetry on your sights...I 've learned about books you like and I seen pictures of your vacations. I've read of spiritual journeys, and I've seen how generous you all are with you sharing of information. And such a lot of positive thinking.....One World ~ One Heart has been a journey for me...AND I think blogging & looking at blogs, might be addictive. It's so cool to be able to connect with so many creative women.

Lisa, what a perfect idea!! Thank you.

I received so many wonderful comments from you about my Spirit Figures. They are a part of my heart, so your comments have really meant a lot. Thank you for coming to visit and for looking at my Sprit Figures. And thank you again for all the awesome name suggestions.

I fully intend to visit every blog on the massive and wonderful list....we'll all be sending out good stuff....all that good energy going all over the place, very cool.


....bits of her

Here is the little pile of this and that for his companion...

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A view with a deer...

I haven't posted about her in a while...but she is still here. Really she is heartbreaking. We've found out the she was bottle fed by some kind people who live up the hill from us. However, their kindness has left the Deer very lonely. She isn't domesticated but she isn't really wild either. She seems to have no place in the world. I've spent a lot of time with her and feel her loneliness because she has no companions, and she is afraid at times because she has no companions. We've spoken with a woman who has had special permits to care for wild animals...a lot of deer have passed her way. She thinks the chances are slim to none the deer will find a herd to join. We're thinking because she is not very happy with Maia right now, but always seems exceptionally happy to see me, she has imprinted on me.
The photo of her is one I took the other day of her watching me through the window....She would like to come in...or have me come out to her...

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Little Flute Guy

This little guy was created for the first annual Yosemite Flute Festival ( )that took place last September here in the footlhills...It was a really wonderful event...lot's of mellow people, good food, great music. But no one took home either of the pieces that I created especially for the event. While we were changing the gallery Sunday, I looked at him in the glass case and he seemed I've brought him home and I'm going to give him a companion.
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