I’m wondering if there is a difference between someone who works “well under pressure” and someone who procrastinates?
I’m feeling energized and overwhelmed at the same time….I see many looming deadlines. A list of things I need to do as long as my arm and that’s just the art related list.
I was commenting to myself, as I often do, about the fact that I was feeling energized about working in my studio, a kind of excited urgency. However, self commented back that, “what you’re feeling is urgency because you’ve procrastinated and now you have LOOMING DEADLINES.” I don’t really know if that‘s it or not…What I know is that I have a never ending vision of figures lined up waiting to come into form….so I don’t lack inspiration, it’s everywhere….and that does excite me so maybe I’m just a person who does work “well under pressure”. …….I have so many visions, I often have a hard time funneling them through and onto my work table… they are all whispering, “me first”. Sometimes that can take days of starting and stopping, listening….
In all of this of course are the blessings….I have a studio to work in, I have inspiration, I have places to hang my art…there is interest in my Spirit Figures...they find homes, I meet my deadlines….
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Kathleen Mattox said...

Your feelings of "excited urgency" sum it up well! I know just what you're saying except that in my studio the paintings on my tables are saying Finish me first!"

Sue said...

Wow, I so identify with your post, it is as if I
wrote it. My problem is if I don't have deadlines, I can become overwhelmed with inspiration and ideas, and dithering over what to start on. I can then waste a lot of time thinking instead of actually doing!

Sending creative wishes your way!


julie mitchell said...

I am glad to be in such good company..I dither too...sometimes the whole day is a dither....and it is the massive amount of inspiration...dithering can turn into play...Aren't we lucky!!
So maybe we're "works well under pressure" artists.....

Carol said...

I have lived that "sense of urgency" ~ usually externally driven ~ & some self pressure ~ I am learning to stay "in the now" mindful living. I try to get out of "the mind" (that does a whole lot of "self talking") into "being" in the moment ~ If I get too far ahead of myself, then the "urgency" bell begins. All any of us has is "the moment". Just my thoughts to share ~

The Buddha asked two little boys: "What is the purpose of eating breakfast?" The first little boy responded, "good nutrition". The second little boy responded, "To eat breakfast. "Ah, right," said the Buddha. Hugs and namaste,
Carol ~

Lost Aussie said...

I know just how you feel,,glad I am not the only one who has this sort of connundrum

julie mitchell said...

The more we stay in the now the better off we are...and I do work at it...but it's a challenge, especially when it comes to creating my art. I have several shows coming up and I get caught up in: will I have enough figues, will they be right for the venue and will people connect to what I do? Insecurity sometime shows up and I do catch myself spinning every now and then...Nothing like I used to get preparing for shows. I would get so nervous about getting it all right, I would miss the moment..I'm much better at savoring them now and realizing that spirit puts me where I'm supposed to be....julie

julie mitchell said...

Carol...I like the Buddha story...It really is that simple isn't it?..julie

Carol said...

Yes, Julie in theory it is that "simple" ~ practice, practice, practice, Awareness is the beginning & the more aware one becomes the more the "race to the future" is diminished ~ you are on your path ~

Hugs and namaste,

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