.....ummmm what now?

I have a blog. I think this might be fun....I'm not sure what I'm going to call it yet. Something with the word spirit maybe…I’m not sure what I‘ll have to share. I’ll post about my art and me for sure, but figuring out how to make this interesting to you feels tricky. However, I’ve been told by many and I’ve read it too, " an artist needs to have a blog " It’s rather intimidating too, there are so many books on how to write a blog....why would there be so many books if having a blog is easy?…The one I have is for “dummies” it has 368 pages, ( how many pages is the book for the smart kid?). And if getting this blogger thing turns out to be pretty easy to get up and going I'll be back to what to write about...... Strictly art stuff? personal stuff? thoughtful stuff? funny stuff?…I know I’m going to have to write about The Deer

I’ve read that having a contest is good, and it sounds like I’m having one to name this blog…winner will receive one of my small figures as a thank you. I’ve received some good suggestions but but I want more. If you have any suggestions please share…tomorrow I’ll try to upload a picture of the little spirit figure who will go to the winner. This is it for tonight….enjoy, julie

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