....for my sisters

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About seven or eight months friend Alicia and I started a Sacred Circle...
we invited women we knew well, and women we barely knew but whose energy we enjoyed, to join us for our first gathering....
an amazing number of them showed up to see what we had in mind.
What we had in mind was to create a
safe place for women to gather and explore our spiritual journeys.

We decided to meet every other Sunday afternoon and follow the basic guidelines from the book, "Sacred Circles" by Robin Deen Carnes & Sally Craig....there are 8 circle basics...Council Sharing, Listening without an Agenda, Rotating Leadership/Shared Ownership, Confidentiality, Taking Responsibility for One's Own Needs, Self-Reflection,
Focus on spiritual Development, and Commitment.

We lost some of the women a long the way..
they may come back later....
the women who kept coming back are the ones meant to take a journey together....
it's pretty sisters!

This is a poem written for the Commitment Gathering we had on Sunday...
I really want to share it with you...

Sisters, we weep with grief
Shout with anger
Tremble in fear
Stand tall in joy.

We grow strong as the biggest tree
Deep as the deepest well
Wise as the elders.

We echo and call
and call
and call.

We dream our circle to life.
Within, we cradle the newest
being – the babe we feed
with the nectar
of the goddesses and gods
the whatever is.
All of that.

We are spread about with sunshine
We are covered in rain
We soar with the wind
push up the green shoots.
Our legs are roots
Our bodies living wood
Our arms move in worship
We dance between the stars.

I’ve heard we are made of stars.
We are old as the oldest
We are the blackest night
And the newest light.

Formed from the dust of the galaxies
Conjured from lust and need
the moans of pleasure
slick seed
and yes.

We birth the mountains from our wombs,
Bring forth the seas.
From between our thighs,
the scent of ancient sands.
The old queens whose hands
hold the scepters
bestow the mysteries.

All that is.
All that is.
Megan Ralph

..on my journey

Hi...feels like it's been forever since I put a new post up....way behind in some things I wanted to I'm just going to give a quick snapshot of the past month....

My camp mates during the Liquid Matrix 3 day dance much fun...
Daughters Erin, Jillian and friend, and beautiful spirit, Bettina...we had just finished putting up our altar..
We had a copy of The Upanishads...Goddess statues, a couple of Dia de los Muertos Spirit Figures..and this framed...
"Look to this day..for yesterday is already a dream
and tomorrow is only a vision;
but today, well loved makes every yesterday a dream of happiness
And every tomorrow a vision of hope
Look well, therefore to this day."
Such is the Salutation of the Dawn

We decided to move Camp Cute as we were dubbed...
.not so hard to move two tents without breaking down.

jilly giving us a little hoop demo...and staying warm at the same time...
It was sooo cold at night and in the early morning hours...had to dance or get into my sleeping bag. Jillian will be giving a hoop workshop...creative hooping..dancing....
beautiful and fun and make a waistline happen...yes!

A beautiful spirit spending a little time at our altar...

Ok, I admit it...I'm crazy for fiber...and so when I saw this young man in his amazing floor length vest of many colors, I had to ask him where he got it...and to my surprise he said he made it...
We chatted a bit. I told him about my Spirit Figures and he shared his fabric sources in Los Angeles...
I gave him some mom advice to create, create, create...honor his creativity..
Thanked him...we hugged and that was that...
Until about 3 hours later. I was dancing...hanging out with Bettina all of a sudden this young man is standing in front of me with an offering of cloth from his vest...a 10" x 8" piece!!!
What a joy! What a beautiful gesture!

It might have been cold at Liquid Matrix at night but it was HOT during the day!
Our goal on the ride home was to find a swimming hole along the Feather River...
My babies at play!!

and this? this was my studio 2 days before Sierra Art Trails open studio event...
I have no idea how I got it ready for company but I did....and it was helpful that at the Opening Reception I heard a collector of mine tell a woman she need to go to my studio just to see it...not the art...but the studio and how I have boxes and baskets and piles of bones, feathers,, skulls, twigs, fabric, etc. everywhere...and I thought I'd hid all the messy stuff in the past....some of it never to be found again.
But after hearing him say what he said I felt pretty good about not cleaning up all my little messes.....
so I didn't!

This Spirit Figure, "In Your Dreams", found a home the Monday after Art Trails...

This photo doesn't show you how big the plastic tub is but it's big, and it's filled with feathers my friend Bettina has gathered for me over the last several month from her chickens, and from her neighbors exotic birds, and from going out on walks with finding feathers in mind...
They make me feel rich...feathers for figures..

and gifts....friends brought me gifts...beautiful fabric, flicker feathers, buttons, a paw and a bit of of a racoon's tail, beads and ribbon...all for my Spirit Figures..

These girls are still on the wall...waiting for homes.,,they are part of my 'dancing' series...
Dancing in the Garden at Midnite & Dancing for Change...

This is Peace Seeds

Unity 'Shared Dreams"
Dream Weaver

We are Lightbabies. Golden Grace.
Wings, meant to fly.
We are delicate and pregnant
with goodness.
We are each made of such a quiet
that the entire Universe
can hear us. ...Em Claire

My baby, Maia....getting grey...

a sitting place near my studio

A home for this gorgeous lady...

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