have you ever noticed?

have you ever noticed
I mean really noticed...

how when you send out love to someone
when you open your heart and speak from it
when you look into someones eyes
with eyes that say I see you fellow traveler..
here, let's hold hands
let's share a little time....

how when you really listen to someone who is brave enough to tell their truth
how when you accept and love them in spite of it all
how when you give your attention
become attentive
how when you slip into kindness
how when your guard goes down
how when your heart becomes soft
how much you then feel like you are the love you seek
that love IS you

have you noticed how that someone feels it too
how the one you are loving begins to glow
how they glow knowing there is heart
how that glow makes you love them more
how the glow gets all over you
how beautifully you glow too
the glow of love
the heart kind

have you ever noticed?

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