Spirit Figure

I sold this Spirit Figure while I was at Timberline Gallery today....She was purchased by a man who has been collecting my dolls for about 5 years. She is going to New Mexico as an anniversary gift for his son and daughter-in-law. She is being gifted!

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Sue said...

The bird, nest, feathers, suede draped robe, the composition of this piece is wonderful! I can appreciate fully why this gentlemen would gift this to his family, and also why he is a repeat customer/fan of yours!

Carol said...

Congratulations, Julie ~

Always great sell one's art & you have a collector ~ Wonderful!

Hugs and namaste,

julie mitchell said...

Thank you....I actually used leather for this figure and the birds nest is a paper wasp nest that my grandson found. I covered it with a light coat of pavorpol and then I sprinkled it with gold and copper micro-mini beads ....Birds have been surfacing in my art a lot these days....I can't tell the story as well..but Pema Chodron, a Buddhist author wrote a little book called Practicing Peace in Times of War...I gave several as Christmas gifts...anyway she is wonderful, and one of the little stories in the book talks about a San Quentin prisoner who has been in prison for much of his life and during that time he has become a Buddhist...anyway, he and several prisoners where in the exercise yard on a gloomy day and a sea gull was hopping around in the center of their of the men picked something up to throw at the bird...the Buddhist said, "Don't"...they asked him why he cared about the dumb bird and he said, "Because that bird has my wings."
That story really touched me...we can find the sacred where ever we look...j

Deb said...

"Because that bird has my wings" This brings tears to my eyes and swells my heart. I can see this sentiment in the doll Julie. She has a strong energy. She's beautiful. I also see a lot of wisdom in her. Maybe the gentleman that purchased her sensed that too.

paper-n-soul said...

She is wonderful.... endowed with a gentle strength. Love the story, too.


julie mitchell said...

It is a good story isn't it? It's poignant...julie

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