deer kissie face....

Not too long ago I was walking my dogs and a cat up in the ‘back forty’…Maia and Zoe we’re up in front of me and around the bend on the path we have worn. I looked over my shoulder, ever alert for Miss Deer, and sure enough she was about 100 yards behind me…..We saw each other at the same time…her tail went up and she start prancing in my direction, happy to see me…THEN she got closer she saw Maia…this is when the Deer morphed into something much different than Bambi......

Her ears went back and all her fur, and she has a very thick winters coat, went straight up and out from her body making her look bigger, her eyes took on a glow and she started RUNNING towards Maia.

Well let me tell you, my heart took a huge leap in my chest, recognizing before my head did, that I needed to keep Maia out of harms way. I turned toward the Deer and made a loud growling, roaring sound and she stopped..... thank me enough time to get Maia by the collar and start down the hill…..with Deer in hot pursuit……

Believe me, never in my wildest dreams did I ever envision running from a scary looking deer. I never thought a deer could look scary! Maia and I got inside the gate and I latched it….by then Maia was wanting to mix it up with the Deer so she was barking and running up and down the fence, with the Deer still looking much like something out of a dream gone wrong.....prancing around, pawing at the ground and making a very strange sound…somewhat like a cross between a cow and a goat.

I cried and cried that night, I think over my loss of innocence. I have mentioned here I had noticed a change between how the Deer and Maia were interacting… more play…but I didn’t think it had advanced to such a energetically violent stage….these two DO NOT LIKE each other.

But Deer still likes me….and I still like her, I love watching her even when she is eating my jasmine…..However I can’t bare the thought of something happening to Maia…or to the Deer for that matter...but Maia comes first and I'm wondering how this will all play out.

And their relationship is very strange.....the other day I went to the door and Maia was pressed against it as hard as possible, and there was the Deer, about 3 feet from Maia all bushed up and with fire in her eyes….no soft doe eyes here….but Maia wasn’t wanting to do battle…she wanted in the house.

Last night she chased us down the hill again and that’s after napping near the front gate for much of the day with both dogs doing the same thing less than 10 feet away…???

Anyway I cried because she scared me, because we can't be friends, not really....and because I don’t want bad things to happen. I was angry at the people who humanized her. I was mad at my husband for not being scary enough to run her off and keep her from coming back. I cried because she lives such a solitary existence and she seems to want to be part of something,

And as I sit here writing I can see that she snoozing up behind the house in the sun…what to do? what to do? enjoy, julie


Sue said...

Julie, this is so sad. I think we all romanticize these beautiful animals (especially if they have been exposed to humans), and we forget that they
are wild.

Loss of innocence is right - and it can be heartbreaking.


julie mitchell said...

Thank you so much for poor husband told me repeatedly that I had to be firm in making her keep her distance...but it hurt my heart and it still does...It would be so much easier if she wasn't so glad to see me...She has no fear of me and she should...she should be afraid of all humans. I am going to have to be consistent in some way to discourage her from coming to visit...The woman who has cared for younger deer says I need to get a paintball gun and shoot her when she comes around...geez..that would be tough to do...but maybe better for her? I have a gun that shoots blanks but she isn't afraid of that and that's not good...what if she comes upon someone with a real gun....? And I'm fearful for Maia...those hooves can do serious damage.
I could go on...I'm trying hard to get rid of any romanticizing I'm doing....she just pulls me in...thanks for the hug...I needed it...julie

Deb said...

Sending blessings and healing to you Julie, to Maia, and to Miss Dear.

May the grounds where your feet tread be safe from all harm.

May you find the happiness that was lost.

May the plants and trees provide comfort and shelter for all.

And may the animals who live there abide in love and peace once again.


julie mitchell said...

Thank you for the blessing Deb....the positive, loving vision is appreciated....I'm still hoping she will find her tribe and move on to live a happy, healthy deer life and that I will just catch glimpses of her every now and can happen...namaste, julie

Carol said...

Hi Julie ~ My heart goes out to you and your pets & the deer ~ the Universe will take care of the deer ~ Not to worry!

Would you give me the name of your art doll teacher? Please?????

Hugs and namaste,
Carol (artmusedogs)
(New writings on Monday at artmusedogs & new art on Thurs.)

julie mitchell said...

I have no teacher, I am self-taught and I do provide workshops based on what I've learned in regards to visualization and creativity.....If you're referring to the shaman I took the vision quest with there was no teaching involved...just a safe place to explore and create....namaste, julie

alchemiss said...

I've got my fingers crossed that Miss Deer will meet a handsome young buck. He will take her to wild pastures where they will start a family and live happily ever after. . . .

julie mitchell said...


I love your vision and hold it myself....It would be a perfect end to this Deer tale!

namaste, julie

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