animal rights.......Is there such a thing???

I happened to catch a little blip on tv saying the late night program “Nightline” would be revealing the horror chimpanzees experience as medical lab animals….I didn’t watch the show, and I haven’t watched the video that is going around the internet either.

A long, long, time ago when I was around 12 or 13, I read an article written by animal rights activist Cleveland Amory and I‘ve never forgotten it……it just blew me away…..the fact that people did these unspeakable horrors to dogs, bunnies, kittens, monkeys....The torture that went on in the name of research was unbelievable to me… research of all kinds, from medical to consumer safety testing. And testing of a psychological kind as well. At such a young age I was able to truly open my heart and feel compassion for the animals in a way that almost allowed me to feel what they were feeling emotionally…the terror, the depression, the boredom, the sadness, the lack, the fear, the hatred….

I can still see those images today.
I truly don’t understand how this sort of thing is still allowed on the planet…Why haven’t we humans banded together to DEMAND the humane treatment of animals….? It doesn’t really matter what side of the fence your on when it comes to the use of animals in medical testing, certainly everyone is on the side of humane treatment. And I wonder about the people who work in these torture chambers…Doesn’t something happen to their soul? Their humanity??? Their ability to feel empathy and/or compassion for their fellow humans?

Doesn’t it do something to us if we know and do nothing??? If you want to do something right now the link below will take you to a petition & by signing we can do a little something for the animals we share the planet with….it only takes a minute to sign…The video is there too but you don’t have to watch it…I can’t.

Speak out for chimps!

Watch our new undercover video, then take action today


Carol said...

Julie ~ I have no tolerance for anyone who harms anyone or anything but especially children and animals ~ I couldn't even read your whole posting & i can't read about your deer ~ i just a mush! LOL ~ I really want to know how you are? Hugs and namaste,
Carol (artmusedog)

julie mitchell said...

I feel the same....that's probably why I'm experiencing the Deer. :)

If you just scroll to the bottom of the post there is a link to a petition to help end the suffering...namaste...and a hug, julie

Snowbrush said...

I guess the question of rights is always ultimately decided by those who have the power to ignore the welfare of some beings in the promotion of what they suppose to be their own interest.

Did you hear today about the chimp that saves up stones to throw at zoo visitors? The report focused on how this constitutes proof of chimp planning (and thus intelligence). No mention was made as to why the chimp should feel the need to throw stones at his captors. Apparently this was not worthy of consideration.

julie mitchell said...


I stopped going to Zoo's about the same time I became a's always bothered me that we put animals behind bars and then think we are 'seeing' them as they are in nature.

Humans have a knack for denial and delusion...

What is that quote about, until we care for the least of us....

namaste, julie

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