...thangka too

I've added a bit more about the actual size and what it took to complete our section in the comments here.

Completed thangka....our little section is on the far right edge almost in the center....Buddha under the Bodhi Tree
You have to squint your eyes to see it!
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Sue said...

WOW!! After viewing the two previous posts and seeing how big your section was to viewing this completed ....incredible cooperative piece!

vivian said...

It is great that you are showing the Thangka, it was a wonderful project and everyone that participated had a wonderful experience

julie mitchell said...

It was quite a venture...If memory serves all the directions came to Lura in this huge, huge, box and were in Japanese or French...After she signed on and received the Box she went on the local radio station and asked for volunteers and was given a space to work on the mandala at the Positive Living Ctr. For several weeks it was a hub of workers..I think there were 7 sewing machines going and 4 or 5 different stations...a true cooperative...
For our part I believe there were 80 or so volunteers coming in at different times...we had one month to complete 36 3' x 4' panels and stitch them all together...the directions were on 36 huge printouts. Our piece when completed was 18'x 25'. The entire project involved over 10,000 volunteers from all over the world...even now it gives me a little thrill to have been part of the, "largest patchwork project in the world"!

julie mitchell said...

Until just now I was unaware that you were one of the volunteers..we must have past in the night!

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