Kreative Blogger....

I'm pleased and honored to have this award bestowed on me & my blog by Sue @ Barton Originals....home of fabulous and enchanting art dolls...thank you Sue!

Rules that come along with this award are that I must send it along to 7 other Kreativ Bloggers...not as easy as it might sound. There are so many Kreativ to choose? If I could give double that I could easily. I love so many...but below are the ones I chose..I'd still be visiting if I had no time constraints.

My Creative Soul... love the art and the quotes

Crafty Chica........shrines, thoughtful and colorful

King of Mice Studios....witchy, whimsical and wonderful

The, good writing, free stuff, a caring heart, info from Down Under

Mixed Messages......the Queen of words & color, color, everywhere color

Kutura Greetings......wonderful art, free tutorials, heartfelt writing

The Medicine Woman's Roots....beautiful & intelligent

And the second part of the award requires that I list seven things I love or that inspire...

1. Time spent with family & friends & my animals...big love!!
2. Visiting art galleries and artist I admire once told me in order to create art we must surround ourselves in it.
3. Laying out in the back field on a sunny afternoon daydreaming or soul searching or planning the my next Spirit Figure
4. Books!!
5. Good movies like Slum Dog Millionaire
6. Vegan and raw food restuarants...ummm...It's the best to be able to order anything & everything off the menu without having to ask what's in it!
7. Road Trips with my husband & daugthers

This list could get really big too, but I'll follow the rules and stop at 7....Now I'll go and let the bloggers listed above know how much I enjoy what they do!


Tammie Lee said...

Congratulations on your award, you truly deserve this!
Sounds as though you have some wonderful loves in your life. Raw food, eh- good stuff. I will take a peak at the links you love~

julie mitchell said...

Thank just tickled me pink to get an award...silly but pretty cool!
I live in an area where if they have bocca burgers and salad on the menu they consider it sufficient to feed the veggie people. So when I go out of town to a 'really' vegan restaurant it's exciting. My youngest and her boyfriend took me to San Francisco not to very long ago and we went to Herbivore - The Earthly Grill...twice in less than 24 hours...we ordered so much food because everything sounded soooo yummy that I'm very sure the waitress thought we hadn't eaten in days! A good memory...but makes me hungrey. My other favorite place to eat is Vegan Glory in LA...oh so yummy..they can do things with tofu you wouldn't believe!! Are you a vegetarian?

hug, hug...did you like the links?

Carol said...

Congratulations ~ but wanted to tell my email to you keeps bouncing back undeliverable.

Small doll would be good ~ so let me know~

Hugs and namaste,
Carol (artmusedogs)

Carolee said...

Thanks so much for passing on the blog award. :) Love your blog too, and your dolls are just wonderful!

~ Carolee

Deb said...

Hi Julie,

I finally get back over this way to you.

CONGRATULATIONS on your award! You are soooo busy these days. What a wonderful space to be in.

I emailed you earlier this week but have not heard from you. So when you get a sec let me know.

Katuragreetings AT yahoo DOT com

Be blessed

julie mitchell said...

Hi Deb,
For reason only the cyber gods know you email to me when to my spam...I just got it this AM and I have responded via email...Did you get it?
hug, hug

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