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A couple months ago I was offered an 'open hand' to become part of a group of artist who show as 'California Fiber Artists'

Pretty cool.....I've admired many of these artist for a very long time...including my friend and fellow show buddy Lura Schwarz Smith, fabulous artist and generous teacher.

I first met Lura when she was seeking help in creating a Thangka of Buddha's life....What an amazing experience. I don't know how many people ended up volunteering to complete the section we were working on but our portion was Buddha under the bodhi tree where he received enlightenment.
Now this might not sound like too big of a deal until I tell you our panel was 2 stories high when completed.

I believe the project was called the Peace Mandala, it was shortly after 9/11. People all over the world were working together to tell Buddha's story on these huge panels..Our little group was the only one working on it in America.
When all the pieces were sent to Japan, where the project originated, it covered a football field!!!

I partnered with a couple of other volunteers and our job was to make the leaves for the bodhi tree...tons and tons of leaves. Creating and pinning leaves to the tree...the work combined applique and painting which Lura did.

When the thangka section was completed we took it to our local telephone company and hung it from the roof so we could all see what it looked like...It reached the was a wonderful experience.

That's how I met Lura, she was the artist in charge, adding her touches here and there, painting Buddha's face with a long brush that she handle masterfully.

California Fiber Artists show our art at various venues throughout the year....this is the first show I'm participating in....If any of you are in the Woodland area stop by and see the show.
It will be fabulous
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Kathleen Mattox said...

I am going to try to see the show when I go north in the middle of April. I'm sure it will be fabulous. I enjoyed reading about the monumental project! Amazing!

julie mitchell said...

That would be very cool Kathleen...please take photos...hug, hug...
The project was the largest patchwork piece in the world!

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