....water, water, everywhere water...but none to drink

Looking for something I could post about Earth Day I searched anti-war songs, because so many of the wars around the world aren't about ideology, they are about the plundering of our natural resources so that a handful of corporations can make money...and that search led me to water wars...Water should be a human isn't....

Happy Earth Day...


lynne h said...

happy earth day, julie... xo

merci33 said...

Thank you for such a thoughtful topic.
May all mother sentient beings boundless as the sky have happiness and the causes of happiness...may they be liberated from suffering and the causes of suffering.

Tammie said...

water is so important
tonight someone said to me
we can live 3 min. without air
3 days with out water
3 weeks with out food
These numbers might be a bit different
but it points to what is valuable and where our care should be!
Thank you for this inspiring post!

julie mitchell said...

As always I hesitate to put things up on my blog that are political, but some times I just can't help myself. The thing about water is so simple, we can't live without it...but all over the world it is being polluted and turned into a commodity...If we don't pay attention who will?
hug, hug...and thanks for watching.

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