.....little bundles

People I know, and people I don't, gift me with little bundles, sometimes big bundles, of things they hope I can use in my figures....wonderful fabrics, little boxes of beads, baggies with seeds...paint, yarn, knitting needles (I don't knit, but if I ever decide to I have an amazing number of these)...I get bones, feathers, fabulous feathers,skulls, fur, shells, earrings, lot's of earrings, books..all kinds of books from spiritual, to art, to healing, cds & dvds..And pine cones and sticks...Sometimes I don't get to these gifts for awhile...
I put them here and there for later inspection....
After this last run of creativity I could no longer ignore the chaos in my studio.

So I did a bit of cleaning, straightening.

And I went through a couple of the gifting bags....

I found these dream catchers...

They came from friends Sallie and Louise..Sallie has passed and Louise has moved away. They were such wonderful cheerleaders for the arts. They are missed and finding these dream catchers really touched me,
and sent me down memory lane.
I will keep one of them...
When people gift me I accept little bits of there energy into my space..good energy from these friends for sure.

Sallie and Louise called them Web Catchers....
The Spirit above will be adorned with one incomplete, but oh so beautiful web.

They gave them out as gifts with a little scroll that says...

This gift is given to those we love so that you will constantly be surrounded by warm, loving, positive and good thoughts. These captured thoughts will then enhance you and bring you added love, joy and beauty.

And that is exactly what I experienced at Art Hop this past Saturday...I'm sorry I don't take pictures...I always take a camera but I get busy with people and never get around to snapping that photo.

It was a very good day...I sold which is always nice....but much of the high I felt after came from the other artists joanne Burgess & Vicki Thomas, Kimee the manager of the Mind Shop, and the people who stopped by to see us.

So many friends, and I met a fellow blogger for the first time, Megan @ Praying Horse...she and I sat together and made clay faces...
I love her gentle energy and the fact that she is a bit of a hermit like I am.

Maybe all artists are hermits at heart? Our work is so solitary. If we didn't have to market ourselves would we ever see anyone??
I go to Art Hop because people want to meet me..and I want to meet them too but it still feels strange, and I'm shy about it, but what an honor.. I worry afterward that they are disappointed because I am pretty ordinary,
neither magical, or particularly wise.

It was a good weekend here in the foothills...we even got a much needed storm yesterday, which will carry on today with possible thunder storms.
Much joy to you!!


Regina said...

What a wonderful post....thank you for sharing a precious memory with us. My Great grandmother use to make the dream brought one of my memories out..thank you AGAIN!!


Tammie Lee said...

lovely post and it is wonderful to use gifts to you in your art. the love is passed on and on and on. It sounds like you had a wonderful time. I also forget to take photos at shows. This time I handed my camera to a friend to take photos, he forgot too!

Sue said...

I loved to read about the gifting that you have received and LOVED how you expressed that these bits and pieces are small fragments of that person's energy. A beautiful and perfect way to express this.

Know what you mean about being a hermit. I think the older I get the more stay-at-home-in-the-studio I become.



julie mitchell said...

Regina, how cool is it that you had a Great Grandmother making dream catchers!! I'm joyful that this post brought up such a beautiful vision...
Tammie, I thought you always had a lens pointed at the world ready to help us see.. :)
I have to tell you what one sweet old crone gave me...Ten or so of Cloth Doll Magazines from the 60's..they are little bitty things with black and white photo's..So cool..they have some really good tips and how to's. I feel honored by the fact that they even think of me, you know what I mean...lot's to be grateful for...hug, hug

Praying Horse said...

Dear one, no need to be fretful about disappointing anyone - it is wonderful to be able to share the space you hold for us. (Also, don't downplay the magic of it all.)

Pondering the question about hermitude.


Vivian Helena said...

Beautiful as always.. now to take the time to breath deeply and enjoy.

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