....fearless love

When I was a little girl I wanted to be a dancer...alas, my father wanted me to play the I didn't get dance lessons. My love for dancing has never left so put 'Dance' in the title and I'm there...
add Melissa Etheridge and I'm uplifted...

Turn up the volume


Tammie Lee said...

oh my gosh Julie! There is so much passion in this performance. I love the idea of fearless love and not settling. One has to be brave and true to themselves to do this! You and I have love of dance in common to it seems. It made me a bit sad that your dads dream got in the way of your dance lessons, oh well. You dance any time you want!

Sue said...

Gorgeous! Both the music and the dancing.



Snowbrush said...

Julie, did you ever see the two-frame Gary Larson cartoon about accordions? In one frame, St. Peter is saying, "Welcome to heaven; here's your harp." In the other, the devil is saying, "Welcome to hell; here's your accordion."

julie mitchell said...

Snow, that's funny and it's exactly how I felt about the accordion..and I never did learn to play it..
Tammie...yes to fearless love! My dad was a funny man...he was dead set agaonst sending me to art school too even though I had been offered a small scholarship...he felt it would be a waste of time because I'd just get married...he was not a man who believed in dreams..
Sue...I'm glad you liked the video...I love Mellisa, I can actually remember the first time I heard her...she's got heart.
hug, hug

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