.....a little personal history

I was a guest artist at an area Open Studio tour on Saturday....I shared display space with my friend and fellow fiber artist Vivian Helena. We were on the front lawn at the home of Kathleen Mattox, her studio was on the tour. Any of you who have done outside shows know how much work they are...the packing up, loading the car, setting up the 'ez-up' (never so easy) unpacking the art...displaying it nicely and then reversing it 8 hours later...I always worry over the weather of course rain is a disaster but the wind can do sneak attacks.....
Yesterdays show went very well...smooth set up and take down, lot's of appreciative people...and some left with a Spirit Figure.....

The weather was beautiful.

Of course sales are very nice but the best part of the day were the people who come to appreciate our art....
and yesterday several friends also made the of them was my lovely friend/daughter
Camille Cole....pictured above and below on her big black motorcycle....
She is a truly special young woman with a bright spirit...and I love her dearly..
.seeing her made the day extra special....
.she is a gift in my life.
She is also an amazing artist who has shown her jewelry in New York, Palm Springs and in Belize where she owns property.

Camille and I meet about 8 years ago which seems impossible. We both had kiosks at Coarsegold's Historic Village. She made beautiful jewelry which she sold out of her bead shop. I had Feather Moon Gallery and Gifts..
.My sign was this wonderful
judy DeRosa original..

I opened the little 10'x10' shop with jewelry artist josie Two Feathers...

The photo above is of our Blessing Ceremony for the opening of Feather Moon...
we are on the porch holding hands in a prayer circle as each of the 30 or so friends and family members who came to share in the ceremony offered us a blessing for our new business. It was a beautiful evening.
Josie is to my right...judy DeRosa next to her with Salinas Dan on judy's right.

Josie moved about 6 months later. I kept my little gallery open for almost 4 years before it just got too hard to be open the required hours and still create.

During that time Camille and I had alot of fun and really became good, good, friends. We'd be there winter and summer....
bad weather and good....

During the summer we made a little garden with misting tubes to keep us alive when the temperature would hit 100+ and we'd bring fresh fruit and pull out the blender and make up the yummiest smoothies..
.in the winter we'd bring a crock pot and have homemade soup and fresh bread..
.and we bonded.

This little spirit I called Hope - "Hope is the thing with feathers, that perches in the soul, and sings the tune without words and never stops at all" Emily Dickinson, found a home yesterday...

Dancing to Mother's Rhythm...didn't


Kate said...

I just love Dancin' to Mother's Rhythm.You've really captured the feel! Hope is also very moving. You see no intimidation in her stance- proud and seems to say, Bring it On! I need my hope fix. Love her hat.
I see you must live in the desert too, from your post. California? I'm in Havasu, (ugh). But thankfully artist friends here have each other to keep motivated and sane through the 100+ summers. I can relate. Great Spirit Women!

Snowbrush said...

Wow, that is a big black motorcycle, and she looks as if her feet hardly touch the ground when she's on it. She must be one accomplished cyclist.

I enjoyed reading about your event, and your friends there, and seeing the photos.

Sue said...

I love to read abit of the history and background of my blogger friends - thank you so much for sharing with us! Both your Spirit Dolls are amazing - I think my favorite is Hope, although I'm sure the other one will find a home soon!



Lynn Stevens said...

Its looks like an amazing day spent with old friends and new!
I used to do art shows and yes they are so much work. I decided to quit when we did 36 shows in one season, That was enough for me!

Thank you for signing up for my giveaway, best of luck.

Angela Recada said...

It's so nice to learn more about you! I'm glad you had such a good day on Saturday. And how wonderful it must be, to be surrounded by such creative friends and fellow-artists!

Love and hugs,

Lisa said...

Just loved reading some of your history. The dolls are amazing.

Tammie Lee said...

Such a warm and wonderful tale of your life. Your friend has a warm and inviting feeling about her. I am glad you sold at the show, setting up sure is a lot of work. The markets i do only last 2 1/2 hour and 4 hours! Yikes,no wonder I am not excited to start back up.

julie mitchell said... said almost the exact same thing about Hope as the woman did who took her home...proud, strong, etc.
Snow...It is a huge motorcycle and the first time I saw her on it my heart stopped...She is caregul and wears the right clothing, and I think she has angels around her.
Thank you Sue..
Lynn..36 shows in one season! You are my new Superwoman!!
Angela..I am very fortunate to have so many creative friens..yes, I am.
Lisa...I'm glad you enjoy my Spirit Figures.
Tammie...awww, a couple of hours..less energy spent for sure..And yes, Camille is warm and loving and has a glow. I'm lucky to know her.

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