....sacred circles

Mother, Maiden, Crone

How might your life have been different if, when you were a young woman, uncertain about something within, there had been a place where you could be with older women?....and if as you simply sat with those women, you knew, somehow, that they knew about uncertainty themselves.

If, one, by one, each woman had spoken into the silence, of woman's intuition, of her sensitivity to life...and of the pain her sensitivit might bring. And the women had spoken quietly, of the strength they knew was needed for a woman to choose to stay vulnerable to her own sensitivity.

And, that today, as you listned in the sensed the intensity and power in those women...and felt grateful that they had chosen to stay faithful to the truth within themselves...How mitght your life be different?

from, I Sit Listening to the judith duerk..


Snowbrush said...

Your trio makes me smile, Julie.

Healing Woman said...

Very well said and done. Your sculpture of Mother, Maiden and Crone is perfect for the verse, which is so very insightful.

turquoisemoon said...

They're incredible...luv them!

Tammie Lee said...

yes, how might my life be different,
i would have liked that

your circle of dolls is so perfect with the words you share as well as wonderful within themselves

Lisa said...


Sue said...

A lovely concept to ponder and one that is beautifully illustrated by your Mother, Maiden and Crone.


julie mitchell said...

Snow and ladies, I'm glad you like the Mother, Maiden, Crone was commissioned by a woman who wanted a representation of herself, her daughter and her mom who has past...They are a very strong group of women and she game me no other guidelines...just said she likes everything I do...on one hand that's great freedom, on the other hand it was such a personally important piece to her that I ended up spending a very long time trying to tune into the their the end she loved them and felt the emotional my work was complete..hug, hug

Anonymous said...

Your figures are awesome! That sort of grounding connection spoken of in those words makes a world of difference growing up, I'm sure. I would love to have that even now! How comforting that must be. And empowering. Nice.

Thanks for coming by my blog, so nice to see you again!! I haven't been blogging as often, myself, and I miss alot of my blogger friends.

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend. xo Serena

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