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Did you watch ally McBeeal when it was on television? I knew it was a big hit but I never checked it out until recently. It's on DVD and I'm working my way through 10 seasons I think....and loving the them. Great writing...great cast. It is warm and fuzzy. Makes me smile and laugh out loud. My favorite parts of the show are the dance sequences in the bar and in the unisex bathroom at the law firm where all the characters work...I wish there were more of these musical blips to share with you but this one is really demonstrates the love the characters have for each other. Biscuit the shorter of the two men here has this Barry White song that he uses to empower himself...the fun part is that he is the only one who hears the music...
it's all in his head.


pinkglitterfae said...

this looks like a series I would love! I just checked out Amazon, and it looks like only the first 3 seasons are released. I can see myself getting hooked on it and wanting more, lol!
have fun!

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