Spring is here!

This is a lilac bush/tree that Daughter #2 and I planted 15 years or so ago as a memorial to my mother who loved lilacs.

In all those years it has only grown to little over 2 feet tall and this is the first Spring it has bloomed.
I'll admit to not having a green thumb but I have loved and pampered this little bush for a very long time and I was beginning to feel a little like something was seriously wrong in the world because it wouldn't bloom.

But here it is...blooming!
And it smells so good!
And it reminds me of my mother....
I miss her everyday.

Spring is my favorite time of year...there is something about it that is almost like falling in love. Only the Earth is my lover...bringing color to my world.
The springtime sun instead of teasing as it does in the winter, or burning as it does in summer, becomes a lovers warm and sensuous touch.
It makes me want to lay down in the sweet green grasses, closer to the smell of new life and watch the clouds go by....
allowing my imagination to paint me other worlds in the sky.

Love for a specific person is radiant when it arises in Emptiness.
It is still love, it is still intensely personal, it is still very specific;
but it is a wave that arises from an ocean of infinity.
It is as if a great sea of love brings forth a wave, and that wave carries the force and thrill of the entire sea in its every breaking crest.
The sensation is like watching an early morning sunrise in the desert: a vast open clear blue spaciousness, within which there arises, on the horizon, an intense red-yellow fire.
You are the infinite sky of Love,
in which a particular fire-ball of personal love arises....

Ken Wilber...embracing you true nature

These are my children.....
Amazing Daughters #2 and #1, the gifted young man who has been part of all our family gatherings for 10 years, and Beautiful Grandson...
They come to me with all the good and the bad that they experience and they fill me with love. I saw them all yesterday and that makes for an extra good day.
I'm a very blessed woman.
I have love in my life...
I know someone who feels she has none...
and the saddest thing is she may be right

I think lack of love and the human touch could make a person go insane.
Can you imagine?
No love...


Love as a work of art...

"There are all kinds of artists. A group we should celebrate more are artists of life itself who use their tools to express the inexpressible. Without a bursh, they depict life with bright colors. Without a knife, they sculpt the magic of being . Without a scale, they create music for us all. Without choreography, they engage in the dance of life.

When we are born, we are each given tools to create a life of beauty. These same tools can be used to perpetuate ugliness and destruction. Hopefully we will understand at some point in our lives that we can decide to reflect beauty. tangible works of art fade with time, chip from walls, and may be discredited by passing trends. But a life of love lasts forever...."

from Born for Love by Leo Buscaglia

Love for a specific person is radiant

....listening is love in action.

Life is our greatest possession and love it's greatest affirmation.

...It is only when we have experienced love
that we truly realize what would be lost by missing it.

Love is not about opening old wounds, it's about healing them....

...Love is far less concerned with what's past than with what's next.

The life and love we create is the life and love we live.

Any act that inhibits is not love. Love is only love when it liberates.

As long as one can admire and love, then one is young forever...

Various Authors

Have a lovely day!!!!
love, love

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Snowbrush said...

About not having love. I saw a documentary last week about people who die without anyone to claim them. So sad.

I'm glad your lilac bloomed. I think some plants just take a long time to get started. I have an andromeda that's that way.

Sue said...

I can't imagine not having love in one's life. Overwhelmingly sad.

Your post is a beautiful tribute to love. Thank you!



Lisa said...

I can almost smell the lilac while reading your post. So wonderful that it bloomed for you...perhaps as you bloomed under your mother's patient love and pampering.

I cannot imagine the hopelessness of thinking that there was no love for me. I hope your friend can feel the love that you must have in writing that and that you have passed on to us who are reading it. My heart breaks for her and I pray she finds love in her life. It is never too late. Love heals.

Thank you for a beautiful post.

Tammie said...

such a lovely post on love dear love.
Wonderful to see your family. And my neighbor planted lilacs years ago (not sure how many) and they just bloomed last year. She almost gave up too. I put some llama poop on them and they bloomed- maybe not related?
Too love! Cheers

julie mitchell said...

Snow...Yes, it is very sad to think that there are people who no one claims...not being missed...I can't tell you how excited I was when my lilac suddenly looked like a lilac.
Sue...I think that in the cliche as it sound, love is all that matters...that and making memories.
Lisa, the woman I know who has no love has annihilated her family because she is mean spirited. She doesn't see what she does..she gives with her pocket book, not her heart. It has taken it's toll on her spirit..I can see her aura and it's grey. And no it's not too late for things to turn around..but almost.
Sue, my family is my heart...llama poo is the answer...I have a friend who has been offering up the stuff to me...guess I should go
big hugs...j

ladybug said...

I love lilacs too! Ours are far from blooming yet, but the thought of them makes me smile.

Love is something that comes from within us, and it is so hard when we lose our love for ourself. I too wonder at times who might be there to know when I pass, but even in those darker times, I remember that I'll be moving on to the next adventure and the rest of me will be welcomed back to the world around me. One of the women I looked up to as a child was a woman who lived on her own and had no family. When she died she had paid for a 'goodbye to the valley' note in the local paper that was so beautiful. What an amazing sense of self she must have had. I'm still in awe of her even today.

(and I'm so glad that your package arrived safely and that you found joy within.)


anne said...

Lilacs seem like the essence of spring -- so wonderful that they have bloomed this year for you.

All things need love and attention to prosper and grow. Even inanimate objects benefit from being touched (dusted!) and framed in a complementary context; how much more so the people we love, the gardens we nurture, or the projects we hope to cultivate and grow. This is a lovely post -- thanks so much...

julie mitchell said...

Thank you Anne, your comment is lovely...hug, hug

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