.....lot's of dates in my head

I love deadlines...
I love the whooshing sound they make as they rush by....

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II was talking with an artist friend who is busier than I am...I asked her if she ever felt overwhelmed and scattered as she works at her job as an artist... She told me she used to feel that way often, but she has learned to concentrates on one thing at a time. I tried it and of course it works.
It settles me down and focuses me on the job at hand...eases anxiety.

Another affirmation for staying in the moment.


Healing Woman said...

Deadlines motivate me like nothing else. Having a date for a show to work towards causes me to create frantically-my best works or series seem to come just before I walk out to my van to take off for the show. I then have the long drive to work out in my mind the intricacies of the new series, whatever it may be.

Love the dolls you showed in your post. Very creative.

Jasmine said...

A wise affirmation. I love your dolls xJ

Beadwright said...

I am chuckling at your post. So busy you can't think, so busy you feel panicy, so busy you wish you had not taken on that last order, Ohhhh yes I remember I can only do one thing at a time. Sigghhhhh... it is all better now. I am with you as well on the deatline thing.

Have a happy weekend

Tammie Lee said...

one thing at a time
one thing at a time
one thing at a time....
my new mantra
many thanks~
and your dolls- gorgeous!

julie mitchell said...

I knew you could all relate...I agree having the potential of having people connect with what I do is a mighty pull and a rush pulling it all together...really being in the flow. It's the 'business' of art that hangs me up the most..
Tammie,that's very funny!
Glad you like the new Spirits..hug, hug

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean, I have Jupiter in Gemini and I can keep on expanding projects if I'm not careful. Just got to keep bringing it back to the present.

julie mitchell said...

I must have jupiter there can be tricky...I'm the same with books...never just one on the beside table...sometimes I get them mixed up...books and my

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