......sacred Sunday ~ the memorial

The Why Group
.....the inaugural sculpture & the center piece of the garden.
On the ground a man rushes to help a falling comrade.
High above, on a pedestal, the central figure aches his back,
rears his head and stretches his arms to the sky.......

The artist is Dennis Smith,
a Vietnam War Marin Corps sergeant and a veteran of the Khe Sanh siege....
"Each sculpture has personal meaning for me in terms of life experience and personal incidents. Through the arts we have the means to peacefully consider violence and to ask questions as well as to offer possible solutions."
His art is patriotic yet cautionary....
"I don't think the purpose of art is to entertain, but to uplift, edify and educate."

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Tammie Lee said...

These sculptures are fantastic!

julie mitchell said...

Tammie, They are aren't they??? I tell everyone to stop there if they are in the area....The first time I saw them I was overwhelmed...and the feel of the place is so charged...I cry every time...I'm glad you like them...I have more to post.
hug, hug

Sue said...

Julie, I can totally understand why you cry when you visit this place - I would too. I can just imagine the feel of it. The sculpture is incredible.

julie mitchell said...

In part the emotion of the place comes from it's solitude...I can 'feel' the pain of war and what a lonesome journey it must be for the solider who travels it and then must come to terms with what they've seen and done. Heartbreaking...especially when I think of how very young most of our warriors are...geez, just sad...Praying for world piece...hug, hug

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