.....YWA Art Show

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This is where I'll be this evening.
It's a fun show
Both established and new artists come out in support of this gathering put on by
Yosemite Western Artists
The mood is always festive.....good food, entrainment, old and new friends.
The reception is held at Stellar Gallery in Oakhurst @ Gallery Row
from 5pm-8pm

The show hangs through Saturday the 16th
Hope to see you there.


Snowbrush said...

I so wish I could be there.

julie mitchell said...

I wish you could be too...the more friendly faces the better...aren't you just a hop, skip and jump away in OR.? For some reason I think you're from there..maybe read it on you blog...I'll be heading to Klamath Falls to visit family at the end of the month...Now that's a town that brings to mind apple pie, Mom and the American flag.

Natalie said...

Hi Julie, I will be there in spirit, for sure! Enjoy it to the max, won't you?xx♥

Sue said...

Oh, I bet this was a great show! Looking forward to seeing a post (and pics!) of it

julie mitchell said...

I did have a really great evening...this show is kind of like a reunion...I saw people I really enjoy. but don't see except for events like this...They chose 110 works, I think, and many of those artist were at the reception. Nice turn out of artist and friends...I don't know if there were sales.
I'll post some photos tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the the first prize. You really deserved it. I liked the seeing the green show too. Great idea!

julie mitchell said...

Actually, Judith Durr won the first place ribbon in Fiber Arts for her silk painted dress..Vivian Capone won 2nd place, Gretchen Lee 3rd and Lura Swartz Smith Honorable Mention.
Glad you enjoyed the Green Show @ Timberline...
It was a fun evening, glad to see you!
hug, hug

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