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The Bear and I took off last Thursday morning and headed for Klamath Falls, OR....a nine hour drive...I entertained myself by taking photos for you...most you'll never see because I'm not the photographer I think I am....

For those of you who have never been there it is truly an 'all American' town...

it is to me anyway....
it feels like Apple pie
and the American flag

We missed our exit off the highway and ended up taking one that lead us to the Veteran's Memorial Park near downtown.
The photo above is of a memorial taking place over the weekend.
I believe there were 1000 flags in honor of Oregon's veterans.

I learned that 3 soldiers a day attempt suicide now...
and that 20% of our troops suffer from pts.....
the figures are probably hirer.

Klamath Falls feels like stepping back in time,
everyone is neighborly, people go for walks at night,
traffic slower and not much of it,
kids outside playing...
it is depressed and doesn't have enough jobs or drs.
it is the "all American city"

My sister, brother, niece, her husband and two teenage children (1 boy, 1 girl)
live in Klamath Falls....

My niece, Susie, and her family are the all "American family".
They are beautiful to look at....
fit from loads of outdoor activities, they, all four, are runners....
both parents work but give the kids 100%...
kids have straight A's and both have garnered 100s of ribbons as runners & from excelling at other athletic pursuits....
both won state championship awards as h.s. seniors.

Both kids have decided to stay home and attend a college in Klamath Falls & live at home.
It's a nice home with a view of Mt. Shasta and a huge 2 story, garage/apt/game room.
They have one dog and one cat.
They are awesome!

After my niece's daughter won a state championship she gave my her mom a necklace with a charm proclaiming Susie as not only a fabulous mom, but a friend and hero as well...the accompanying card thanked her for being a wonderful mom and an inspiration.
Both kids have "full boat" scholarships.
They are awesome.....
it's nice to be around them.
The all "American family".

Being with them made me wonder if there aren't ton's and ton's of these strong family
units living in all "American" cities, doing all "American" things
and we just never hear much about the???
...except in small town newspapers

My daughter #1 is doing the same with her her young family.
It isn't that the rescission, war, crime, drugs, etc. aren't part of the world both families live in, they just seem to be handling it.

They still believe in the dream....I'm proud of them.


Sue said...

You should be so proud of your family. Holding on to the dream, even when things are on the depressed side is so important!

I loved reading about your journey, and could only think that the "All American" family and the "All Canadian" family could be interchangeable.

Lisa said...

i have really loved reading about how memorial day is respected and celebrated in the US.
I didn't know.

ladybug said...

What a beautiful tribute to your family, to the spirit and love that they choose to live each day with and acknowledgment that these are things happening in our world even though they do not make it on the "news" programs that weigh more on the sensational end of things. I have longed believed that we need to turn off the television and the talk radio and start tuning in to the beauty that surrounds us...the neighbors and family members and friends and inspirations be they big or little in every day life.

what a great way to end my day...thank you for this post!

(and I secretly wish that I could sneak down and fill up at least one of your open spots for the mask won't happen this time, but it's on my radar now...:)


julie mitchell said...

Sue, I am very proud of my family...they are a mixed bag of personalities with many different beliefs, but all are doing there best in this crazy world...and yes, families all over the world hold the same things dear that we do. We do need our dreams, for sure.
Lisa, in spite of the many different views on war in this country we do love and respect the men who so willing go to war for us even when the reasons for war are in question. I took photos of a war memorial I visit whenever I travel north, I will be sharing them on my is an amazing place.
Ladybug, you always make me feel what I write is worthwhile, thank you. I agree with turning off tv and talk radio. I watch and listen just enough to know that I don't want to watch or listen...The news seems to be aiming at making all of us afraid of each and the world around us...??
hug, hug

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