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Hula Hoops have come a long way from when I was a kid...
and a champion Hula Hooper, they light up!
A couple of evenings ago, Daughters 1 & 2, Beloved Grandson, Wonderful Son-in-Law, Almost Son-in-Law-Now-Friend, all came for dinner. The house was lite up with love.
The energy that remains in the house has kept me on a Love High.

I feel filled with Spirit

I was given another boost on Sunday when I went to the Positive Living Center....

a Science of Mind gathering place...
There is a sign in the sanctuary
that says,

'Only Love Spoken Here',

and there is a real attempt to keep to it.

A person can't help but feel better after a Sunday gathering because we do try to send love out in every direction.
And it feels good knowing there is a Tribe of us out in the world who believe......
thoughts become things so choose good ones....
I believe this tends to make us cheerier and it trickles down.

I don't know if positive thoughts keep negative things at bay,
I do know when I spend more time with positive thoughts, I seem to notice more good than bad in my life.

"I have it on good authority that Spirit does not belong to any particular church, but resides in the deepest part of your very own heart every time you love."

from the book, The Simple Feeling on Being


Sue said...

Ah, cute pics!! Children have a habit of filling one with energy and positive spirit! Love is right!

Natalie said...

Children are love in motion are they not? :D

Your Sundays sound absolutely peaceful and beautiful. I am smiling my head off here. :D xx♥

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