.....ladies in waiting and Sacred Sunday

I’m feeling extraordinarily blessed today….

It might have something to do with spending most of my Sunday in my studio…
Some thing I haven’t done in a week....ever since company.

My studio is my sacred space.
It is a gift to me from my bear of a husband
….it’s not fancy
...and it so suits me
It is the place I can hang out and create or not….
I set the vibe.
I have music, a DVD player, telephone, windows, a bathroom, a little refrigerator,
I don’t have a microwave but I do have a tiny coffee pot that I use to make hot water for tea….

There is enough room so I can have a bed for Maia
(my most constant companion),
there is a futon, a desk and bookcases & my favorite thing,
a woodburning stove!!!
And of course my stuff….
books, cd’s, dvd’s, apron’s, jackets, slippers, coffee mugs, incense, tea, crackers, notebooks and journals, alters (2), cocoa bars
my figures in every available space…
waiting to find their person…

And the art stuff
everything from bones & pods to elegant lace & fur…..
Lot’s of art stuff
much of it gifted to me.
I get the most amazing bundles of things from people….
gifts with the words,
“you might be able to use these in one of your figures….”.

Yesterday I cast a mask of my #1daughters face (oldest of two, thus #1, married to Wonderful-Son-In-Law and mother of Beloved Grandson).
I’m making her a Spirit Mask….
That meant we spent time together…
always a gift.

Today I woke up to a warm house and fresh coffee.
I took the dogs for a walk…
did a little meditating
what a gorgeous day it is!!!

Came back and turned on the news to see what I might be missing out in the world.
Seems we are having a Swine Flu outbreak...
sounds scary
…this ought to take our minds off of the financial mess,
the wars,
and the torture tapes
….everyone is being asked to go to the dr. if they think they might be infected
…I’m wondering if that includes the uninsured???

Turned off the news and put on some music…

Got a little laundry done and a little housework…
had a banana & strawberry smoothy with toast and strawberry jam….
and now I’m here with you, soon off to my studio…
Life doesn’t get much better. ….

And even though I'm blessed big time,
a few weeks ago I let my self get caught up in some fear…
bad thing
It seemed the more I carried it around with me,
the more less than desirable stuff started showing up…
It is so important for me to stay grounded and focused on what I want…
not what I don’t want.

Today is a full blown day of gratitude….
And you are included in my thoughts….
Big Hugs and Loads of Light….


Carol said...

Right back at you ~ so glad you had some time in your studio ~ sounds like a wonderful place~ I am grateful my studio space & yes grounding & focused so important ~ last week was a strange week ~ for many ~ Your ART creations are wonderful per usual ~ Blessings, hugs and namaste,Carol (artmusedogs)

Kathy said...

Last week was a bad week for me as well and I'm having a hard time getting over it. Thank you for your wise words and the lovely visions you create to go with them. Hugs, Kathy

Sue said...

Lovely post! So glad that you are feeling grounded again and able to get rid of the negativity. It's so easy when one thing goes wrong to get caught up in the cyclone of bad vibes that seem to find each other so easily.

It sounds like your day was
great and I love the description of your studio!
What an oasis to retreat to.

Deb said...

That's my Julie! Grab those boot straps and keep steppin'! Your art space sounds so soothing and warm to be in, like a warm blanket on a chilly evening by the fire. Thanx for sharing it with us. It is wonderful to heat that you are on the other side of last week, able to glean the covered gems from it and move on. Stay true to yourself, it shows through your art.


Lisa said...

beautiful spirit dolls- beautiful post- beautiful Julie xx

ruthie said...

Hello Julie, thank you so for your lovely comments on my blog, so sweet, its so lovely to hear that someone is enjoying what u do. Your studio sounds like a wonderful gift, a very precious place indeed for creating your amazing dolls in x

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