....what are we allowing?????

I had a different post in mind today...and uplifting poem, with a pretty picture.
But this came to me from a friend...changed my day.

I don't want to be sad...
and I don't want to put sad in your life either.  
But my God, we should be beyond sad for the state of the world and it's children.
What are we doing?
How can we allow this?
What is going on?

There are a zillion articles and stats about child solders, children who work as slaves, children fending for themselves  in the streets worldwide, child sex slaves, children dying of abuse and starvation...horrors...and it's not just There, it's Here.
Yet television news seems to indicate we care more about stars in reality shows than just about anything else.  Is that really who we are...?   Does television represent who we are?  

Every day children suffer things we can't even imagine, yet nothing seems to change. 
I don't know answers.  
Send money if you can and pray the corrupt governments let it get where it needs to go?  
I think it is our voices that need to be heard more than anything...if we care we have to demand change.  Don't we??  Do we care?  
And I know about charity beginning at home...this planet it  home?

Is it is very hard to go about my day because I'm as guilty as the next person. 
 I watch and say, it's a tragedy, I cry, and do nothing...because I suffer from apathy.  
There are days when it is hard to believe that anything will get better...
instead I think it is going to get a whole lot worse.  
Everyone seems to be looking the other way

I lay it at the feet of the 'grownups' in the world..
 as well as at the feet of world leaders, corporations and banks.
And I wonder would we care more if they were white children?
But this I do know...what befalls one of us, can befall all of us.  
And if you look at what is happening here in America, drought, corruption, greed, ignorance, poverty, joblessness, lack of medical care, war machines, rage and fear and complacency seems a very real possibility.

World poverty today: S-S Africa

A child dies every four seconds from HIV/AIDS and extreme poverty often before their fifth birthday. 15 children die every minute. Over 22,000 children die worldwide every single day. About 8 million children die every year.  (Source: UNICEF)
More than one billion people do not have access to clean drinking water and water for domestic purposes. Water problems are worse especially in Africa. (source: World vision)
About 4 million newborns die worldwide during their first month of life. About 2.5 million children die every year because they are not immunized. (sources:World Health Organization)

Can you imagine?


Linda said...

I honestly can't imagine. I can't imagine how crap like this goes on and babies starve to death or have to suffer so much. It is not right.

At the same time, I don't know how to help and I guess, like too many people, I try to put it out of my mind. I know that is not right. I would send money but have none to speak of. Perhaps being aware and staying aware is a start. I don't know.

Angela Recada said...

So very sad. . . Even though I've decided to stop posting any more on my earth blog, I'll be adding this video to my final post.

Angela Recada said...

OK, I'm posting it on my main blog and facebook too. It's too important. . .

AkasaWolfSong said...

Oh Sweet Julie...I had saved this to edit for I feel I don't have to because you did, but the greater question looms for me should I too? Probably. As I answer the question in my mind how do I give I always come to my own community. Yes, there are hungry and thirsty in everyone's community that we should be helping. I do give to my local food pantry here when I am able and on a larger scale send a twenty here or there to someone who may need it more than I. On the Reservations across the United States there are many who go hungry, without electricity, wood for warmth, etc., and this has to be a number one priority for us. If we cannot take care of those who live within our own land how in the world do we expect to take care of others? We have to clean up the mess we have made here first. I do feel sad at times and cry till I make myself sick sometimes but more than that I just get angry that our governments aren't doing what they should be doing. That humanity isn't doing what they should be doing and until and unless we get the bigger picture taken care of no peace, large or small is ever going to bring about a change in this world. That is a sad fact. Anyone can conact any venue in their own hometown and jump on the train to bringing change. It's up to us.
Thanks for posting this is needed to see and imbed in our psyche so we 'get it!'
Blessings Sister, Blessing for You and Those Who are Hungry and Thirst.

julie said...

Linda..I've thought about what I posted here a lot in the past hours...Akasa says it well, we do what we can, where ever we are called. I posted the Star Thrower because it points out that one thing can make a difference for someone. It is also my opinion that we need to raise your voices...those of us fortunate enough to have the internet can easily write to our state representatives, I use the term representatives very loosely...President Obama said, 'I won't change things unless you make me.' or something very close to that. We have to demand change as we become the change. And yes, awareness is a start..Thank you Linda for sharing...xo

julie said...

Angela...I don't want you to stop your blog but I understand...Thank you for posting the video...xoxoxo

julie said...

Akasa...I know about the horrors that Native Americans have faced since the first white man appeared. I watched a doc not too long ago about the living conditions and despair on reservations across this country. I had a Native boyfriend about 20 years ago and his mom was very involved in the inequities of her people right here in Coarsegold...I would listen literally at her feet, and once again wonder how? why? partner in my little art gallery was a Native woman, she had been a 'stolen child' heart ached for what was done to her, I'm not sure she was ever able to overcome....
You are so right when you say it is fairly easy to get on the train of change....with money, time, and the willingness to look and share what we see...xoxoxoxo...and demand change...we have to be heard.

On Fragile Wings said...

You cannot post this message
enough in my books.

Never be afraid to speak out
about injustice.

There is enough food to feed
all the starving people of the world.

Until the masses get angry
and shout the message to the
wealthy powers that be.

there will be no change.


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