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The Star Thrower
There was a man who was walking along a sandy beach where thousands of
starfish had been washed up on the shore. He noticed a boy picking the
starfish one by one and throwing them back into the ocean. The man observed
the boy for a few minutes and then asked what he was doing. The boy replied
that he was returning the starfish to the sea, otherwise they would die.
The man asked how saving a few, when so many were doomed, would make any
difference whatsoever? The boy picked up a starfish and threw it back into
the ocean and said "Made a difference to that one..."
The man left the boy and went home, deep in thought of what the boy had
said.  He soon returned to the beach and spent the rest of the day helping
the boy throw starfish in to the sea....

Loren Eiseley T


Linda said...

I just love Loren Eisley. Thanks for this reminder.

On Fragile Wings said...

I have read this wonderful story before.
But it matter not how many times I find
it. For it always reminds me of what is

Thank you for posting this.

My appologies for not being around
lately. I have been ill for many weeks
now. Just starting to recover.

blessings to you

AkasaWolfSong said...

I have long loved this story Julie and was warmed to the heart reading it once again. Thank You for sharing it! :)

Many Peaceful Blessings...

julie said...

This is wonderful isn't it...My daughter Erin, who is so involved with saving the dolphins and all things really, got a comment on face book that she should give up on things she cannot change and save her passion for something she can...and some wonderful soul sent her this star fish...
Sharon I'm sorry you haven't been feeling well...I tried to send you a private email but google wouldn't let me...what's up with that???
love, love...xoxo

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