......daughter and dolphins of Taiji

Erin and Ric O'Barry

My beautiful daughter Erin is an animal rights activist....Not too long ago she and I attended a showing of the
movie The Cove in San Rafael, CA. where she met many of the activist she has only known via the internet.     
Including Ric O'Barry founder of Save Japan Dolphins Earth Island Institute.  He is also the director of Save Japan Dolphins a campaign conducted by the International Marine Mammal Project of Earth Island Institute.  The work of O'Barry and the Save Japan Dolphins team were featured in the Oscar winning documentary The Cove as well as in Animal Planets Channels Blood Dolphin$ series..I think Mr. O'Barry feels a deep guilt because he believes that the tv show Flipper is in a large way responsible for the huge attraction captive dolphins have become all over the world.  He was Flippers trainer.....the original Flipper died in his arms...he says from depression caused from a life in captivity.  These beautiful creatures are meant to live free, swim deep and be with their pod.  A healthy, attractive dolphin trapped in the cove will sell for $200,000...and bring millions to places like Marine World.  They ones not chosen are slaughtered in the most horrendous and cruel, bloody ways can hear them crying out in pain and fear in the movie.  The mercury laden flesh is then sold to the unsuspecting consumer as tuna.

Erin became involved with the plight of the dolphins about 2 years ago...her goal was to go to japan.this year and stand wittness to the slaughter of the lessor dolphins and the sale of the pretty ones into a life time of captivity. But the meltdown has caused her to change her plans  The annual slaughter begins in September...This year my amazing daughter is chairing the peaceful protest on September, 1 in San Francisco where she will present the Japaneses consulate with a petition to stop the killing and the sales of the Taiji dolphins.  Her event is being coordinated with the International Day of Awareness for the Dolphins of Taiji Events....It will be held in front of the
General Consulate of Japan
50 Fremont Street #2300
in San Francisco from 1pm-4pm

And I would really be happy if you would
 sign the petition...
could you? 

 and if you live in the Bay Area please join her....
 tell her I sent you
 she would love your support....and so would the dolphins


Joyce Wycoff said...

Great post ... I signed the petition some time ago and have been following their work. Very inspiring.

Angela Recada said...

I've signed the petition. Your daughter is an inspiration!

Erin said...

Love it Mom...Thank you

Linda said...

Thanks for providing the link to sign the petition. I was happy to sign it. It sounds like Erin is doing a great job!

AkasaWolfSong said...

I've signed many petitions in this regard and will gladly sign this one too! I wept the first time I saw the Dolphins and Whales being slaughtered. It makes me physically ill. When will humanity learn these are our brothers and sisters, only in different form? Creator save us all!

Thank You Erin and Julie for the work that you do. It is vastly important!


pinkglitterfae said...

your daughter is an amazing girl! I signed too, and forwarded it on to some of my animal loving friends...hopefully many people will sign this petition.

It breaks my heart when I see what human beings are capable of...and it makes me sometimes wish the creator would wipe us out, and start over again. I wonder if we will ever learn love and compassion for all living creatures?

thank goodness for good people like Erin, who try and make a difference, she is an inspiration!

julie said...

Thank you sister/friends for signing the petition...for caring...and for seeing the light in my sweet daughter...xoxoxo

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