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I rarely turn to corporate news, Fox, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, etc.,
 When I want to know what is going on in the world. 
I prefer to get my news via independent media...the kind with no corporate advertising, no corporate dollars attached to dictate what will get aired....
But even with a self-imposed limit to what I watch, 
I could not avoid hearing about the tragic Casey/Caylee Anthony case...
I was at Timberline helping to hang our new Yosemite show yesterday and when the verdict came in phones started to ring.  
Casey was found not guilty..
BIG news it would seem.  
Maybe the most important and life altering news of the century.

I do understand why people got caught up in this tragic tale...a beautiful little girl dead...young mom accused and found guilty in the court of public opinion,  family secrets and lies...
a real life drama with every detail on air....and if Mom didn't do it...who did?
...the drama continues....
and the news media will soak it for every sordid detail while ignoring the bigger tragedies taking place every day all around us.

I play the 'what if' game with two of my artist friends...
it is a great way to source creative energy...
we throw out everything and anything

every day for a month, a year, even a week, the news media threw out the real state of children in the world. What if every news show obsessed over every heart breaking detail of what a vast number of children experience as reality...the starvation, the abuse, the deaths at the hands of adults, at the hands of warring governments, the child sex trade, child pornography, children without clean water and healthcare, 
What if we heard the real effects of poverty on children every day...What if it was made real instead of just numbers......
Would our heads explode with the pain of it?
...with the realization we are all responsible?

Would their stories catch our interest in a way that would move us to speak out, maybe even act for change, demand it!!.....
Would we be appalled, Outraged! as so many are with the 
not guilty verdict in the Casey Anthony case?  

Would we be enraged enough to make the world governments go on trail for turning their backs on the suffering of children all over the planet? 
Would we find our compassion???
  .I wonder?



Angela Recada said...


Snowbrush said...

It was Stalin who is credited with saying: "One death is a tragedy; a million is a statistic."

I think this is right more often than not. I know I could sleep tonight if a million Indonesians had just died, but not if my wife had just died. But even if it weren't my wife, if it were a stranger; I would still feel more moved by the loss of THAT one life if I had spent even five minutes with him, and thought that I would like him.

julie said...

We agree Snow...that's my point really...bring the plight of the children into our living rooms via what ever means, every day, and every night, until they feel less like strangers and more like family....until they become as real as little Caylee...xo
Angela, Yes!!

On Fragile Wings said...

I seldom watch television at all anymore, especially the news. I find it leaves me angry the way the play up the same drama over and over, like flogging a dead horse.

The Corporate powers that be do not give a damm about poverty or the starvation of the millions of
children continuously passing year by year.

They would rather sell you the latest gadget to make your life a whole lot better...

The next step will be to control the internet, to stop
us from sharing true information.

I find many people I care for totally believe whatever
they hear on the television. They are in the dark
as to what is really going on underneath their noses.

You have written a wonderful compassionate post
that is a great idea...

unfortunetly, it will never happen because the
corporations that really control the world do not
care about poverty-stricken countries and their plight. They feel the world needs to decrease its
population not increase it. Yes, they are that cold

great post

AkasaWolfSong said...

Julie...I applaud you for bringing your words here...

I will never give up Hope that our World will one day realize the plight of all children who suffer in any manner.

I find myself sometimes becoming angry over the U.S. sending aide to foreign countries when we have so much of this in our own country but we cannot or should not ignore the world's pain in any manner. I know that deep within. So I work on myself when I feel those things.

For me this is an easy one as my own Grands need help and I do whatever is possible for me to help take care of them. We all need to start in our own backyard, like you say. We must get involved in our own lives and communities. It doesn't take much to call a local chapter of something to make donations of food, clothing, educational supplies or give a small stipend each month.

We've forgotten who we are and we really need to touch that heartsong each moment that we are able.

In my view we can blame the governments or 'whatever,' but the bottom line is it all begins within and we are capable of bringing about the changes we'd like to see in our step at a time.

As for the Casey/Calee Anthony case I pray for this family and the child who lost her life. It saddens me greatly...and I know these people will be living in a prison of their own making for the rest of their lives. The problem with many people is they live inside their head and not their hearts.

I'm so glad you chose to bring this subject up today as it is really a heartsong for me.

Bless You Dear Woman!

julie said...

Sharon & Akasa,
Thank you for your heartfelt responses to this post....I agree.
There are certainly more things I can do to contribute to a better world. I often get overwhelmed with this mess, the tragic state of the world. Maybe the best place of focus attention is on the environment and what is happening with our food and water. We need this little blue planet, Mother, she doesn't need us. And the way things are headed mass starvation is! I hate even putting that in print but it's true....sigh...xoxo

Joyceann Wycoff said...

Julie ... thank you for your beautiful words and images.

julie said...

Hi joyce...Thank you
It was fun last night, yes? and very nice to see you...xoxo

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