,,,,in dreams

In dreams we do so many things
We set aside the rules we know
And fly the world so high
In great and shining rings

If only we could always live in dreams
If only we could make of life
What, in dreams, it seems

Real World..Will Jennings;Richard Kerr

I just like it....xo


On Fragile Wings said...

Oh yes, I agree whole-heartedly sister of my heart.
Dreams are amazing journeys through the sub-conscious mind.

I dream in colour and as if I am watching a movie.
I can wake up to get a drink and when I return to

the dream continues from where it left off.

This can also transcend one night into a full week
of the same dream. It is kind of weird I guess for
no one else I have met has this type of dream.

Dreams can be warnings of things to come, they
can help us materialize sub-conscious yearnings.

The subject totally fascinates me as well and I
admit I have written poems about dreams.

blessing to you


AkasaWolfSong said...

Love, Love, Love this one Sister!

I have flown in my dreams more times than I can remember, even when day-dreaming.

And I'm with On Fragile Wings...this subject totally fascinates me! :)

Hope your day is filled with the dreams of your heart! xoxoxo

julie said...

Akasa & Sharon...
How did I know the two of you would be master dreamers???
I've been told I spend too much time in the land of dreams...waking and and dreams, why do so many want us to separate them?

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