....flash mob

I belong to a group of four...
we are all artists...
digital collage
mixed media collage
fiber artist
and me
mixed media fiber artist

We are planning to do a four woman show next year...
We are meeting on a regular basis to explore different ways to promote ourselves and the amazing number of really phenomenal artists here in the foothills near 
Yosemite National Park
There are more of us here per capita than anywhere else in California.

We've tossed around many ideas...
and decided our first event will be a Flash Mob...
all artists and art lovers are welcome and wanted....
So please mark your calendar
come and support the arts.
You'll have a good time and so will we.
No telling who might show up to take your photo, paint your portrait, dance, play a flute, ask you to model.
and there will be food!!

See you there??
Gallery Row
north of Oakhurst  on Hwy 41


Punk Chopsticks said...

Gah I LOVE flash mobs,...unfortunately I wont be joining you there, as much fun as it sounds. I wish you all the best (btw, your blog looks gorgeous xD)

julie said...

Hi sticks...wish you could be here...the more the better...maybe the next one? Thank you, glad you like the looks of my blog...I like yours as well and enjoy your musings...xo

Wendy S. said...

How fun it sounds, Julie! I wish I was an artist so that I could join you but I'll live vicariously through you. I hope you take lots of photos and blog stories for us. And yes, your blog does look beautiful!

Punk Chopsticks said...

Lol thanks a lot! I wish I could be there too!!! Ah well...when lifes not meant to be, screw life! I'll come around the next time I'm free (busybusybusy) I've left a reply on my blog, but if its too troublesome to answer back, I thought I'd write here too xD

Although i'm a permenant resident of lalaland, I'm currently residing in a small country called malaysia (MALAYSIA BOLEH) You can drop over if you feel like it! My door's always open to fellow lame poem writers

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