...the beauty of Alice Walker

The Pulitzer Prize winning book
The Color Purple by the beloved Alice Walker has turned 30.
It is as relevant in the world today as it was 3 decades ago.

I heard her read a poem today...
and want to share it with you.

I also long for the day when women sit in Circles and make important decisions
 for Mother Earth and families.  
When women are honored for having wisdom.
When the women who are elected into office can be women...
can cry over war and the killing of our planet.
I want women in office who don't become men.
We need both energies to balance this world.
We do need men who are strong enough to stand with women...

If you would like to see the full interview with Alice Walker I've included the link here...
she talks about the book,
the Earth
It's wonderful.

“In the problem of women was the germ of a solution, not only for their oppression, but for everybody's. The control of women in society was ingeniously effective. It was not done directly by the state. Instead the family was used by men to control women, women to control children, all to be preoccupied with one another, to turn to one another for help, to blame one another for trouble, to do violence to one another when things weren't going right. Why could this not be turned around? Could women liberating themselves, children freeing themselves, men and women beginning to understand one another, find the source of their common oppression outside rather than in one another? Perhaps then they could create nuggets of strength in their own relationships, millions of pockets of insurrection. They could revolutionize thought and behavior in exactly that seclusion of family privacy which the system had counted on to do its work of control and indoctrination. And together, instead of at odds- male, female, parents, children- they could undertake the changing of society itself.”  ~ Howard Zinn


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