....some of the Trails Tribe

The Sierra Art Trails Gala Preview Exhibit was Saturday evening...It is the kick off for the open studio tour the first weekend in Oct. 
 Each of the participating artist has one piece in the exhibit show.
People come to get an idea of what studios they want to visit during Trails weekend. Artist come to talk to them and to see each other. It's fun.

When I first started going to these things I was sure the other artists would find out I didn't belong there, that I wasn't a ''real'' artist..
I would hide in a corner. 
And now this night is very much about being with my of them... :-) 
this group of artists are truly some of the most generous of spirit people I know....
 they welcomed me.

It was a good night....
the Gala is the only place I see some of these people all year long...friends come, and patrons of the arts come out in support. 
And I meet artists I admire. 

Jon Bock, owner of Stellar Gallery and William's Gallery in the Row, is our fearless leader. He talks about Trails with pride about what it does for the community and it feels nice to be part of such a positive event. 
Jon is a true force for art in this community 
 Nothing like Trails would exist without him...
it is a massive undertaking...

Jon and his band of volunteers manage to pull it all together each year and it isn't easy.
Someone told me once getting a group of artists to do anything as a group is like trying to herd cats in a rainstorm??
Could it be true?

Laura Fisher will be showing at my studio site...

so will Kathy Marks

See the red dot...? Her little treasure sold at the Gala.

and me with my exhibit piece..

Brian Ross is one of those volunteers who goes above and beyond the call of duty for Trails. He isn't an artist but he loves the arts, I think he really likes artist too. 
Many years ago, when I had Feather Moon, my little gallery, Brian came in one day and asked me why I never made male figures....he told me if I did, he would probably buy it. 
Sales inspire artists...and so I made my first Shaman and Brian took it home. 
Since then he's taken many of my Spirit Figures home and given many as gifts and we've become friends.
So when the Trails committee commissioned me to make him a figure as a way of thanking him for all his hard work, for choosing to be part of our tribe, 
I was delighted to do so. 

Brian and Speaking for the Tribe


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