Face Book

I've been strongly encouraged by many of my artists friends to get a facebook page.
These friends are also working artists
They need to sell in order to continue doing what they love.
They have face book  pages.

And so do I.
In fact I have three of them.

One I I know a little of what friends and family are doing..
as one of my daughters told me after I'd asked one too many questions about her life...
''if you want to know what I'm doing Mom, go to my FB page.''

The second one is a fan page...
the one I should put art news on as well as pictures of my Spirit Figures..
and I want this one too.

The third?....that was a mistake...
I think I must have created it at 3 or 4 am and just don't remember doing it, 
why I would I since I already had two.

I'm thinking of facebook today because I know that I'm going to be strongly encouraged to get my fan page up and running again very soon.
And because I know it is something I really do need to do...

There are three things that seem to stand in my way of actually doing it though

1. I have password issues...
Very often it won't let me in..
There is a julie Micthell in Chico, CA. and facebook insists she is me and won't let me in because my password isn't her password, nor will it let me, find me. 
frustrating...we go round and round and  I give up.

2.  I can't get rid of the third mystery page.  There are people there wanting to be friends and I don't want to friend them to a page I'm not going to they hang there in limbo...ignored...makes me feel guilty.
And there seems to be no way to delete it and it's the one that I get taken to when I search myself trying to find the page I do want.

3. If I should somehow get lucky and break through to the page I like, I can't seem to find my fan page, and by then I'm just to bummed to do anything but read what others have posted.

I bought the book Facebook for Dummies, or maybe it was Facebook for Idiots...doesn't matter...and it seems that I am both an idiot and a dummy when it comes to this stuff.
Apparently the things I need to know are so basic they didn't even bother to mention it in the book.  Like how to delete a page.

I can't find the book's somewhere where books I deem useless end up
.....and now I want it....but now FB has changed the layout..
I'm gathering courage to do this...
be a Facebooker.
I have to...I have to overcome this frustration.  I've stopped even trying to get in to see what that daughter of mine is really up too and I hate hearing it from people I know, who know both of us.....
I should at least be in the loop
So wish me luck
I'm gathering courage.
and tips.


Anonymous said...

Julie, I don't think it's hard to delete an account (page). This is the text from their help:
To delete your Page or Place:
1.Click Edit Page in the upper-right corner of your Page
2.Select Manage Permissions from the left sidebar
3.Click Delete [Your Page Name]

But you do have to be logged into the page you're trying to delete.

Vivian Helena said...

Don't feel like a loner... I have the Fan page. Today I tried to post a photo from my blog,, I checked it was there. Checked again later, and the photo was gone, but the words were there.. I was not dreaming, it had been there.. now gone.. I posted the photo on my regular page, and for the moment it is still there.. who knows what will happen tomorrow. I could not make hide nor hair of Dummies either,, guess I am too Dum also. When you figure it out let me know...

Vivian Helena said...

It's back...the photo showed up on my Fan page.. I think Facebook is a total mystery..
Good luck, only way I think, is to go for it, and try to stay calm..

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