...hope and war

I don't know why, but I was stunned when I saw the timeline above.

Invest in kids not war!

The little graphic sent me to Clovis/Fresno last Friday afternoon to hold a sign with the other caring people who feel strongly that war is not the answer to anything.

I keep hoping that we the people will decide that the cost of war is just to high in the human toll.  That we demand an end to the sacrificing of our young men and women in wars we can't possibly win.  That indeed there is nothing to win. 
That we come to realize the old ideologies just don't work in the world.  

I keep hoping as more and more people wake up to the fact that these wars the USA is engaged in are not about democracy, not about national security, 
not about saving the world from evil,
they will make their voices heard too.  
There are many ways to do so.

 “U.S. War Costs Reach At Least $3.7 Trillion And Counting” 
Is this the cost of our addiction to oil?

I keep hoping that as people look around at the unemployment rate, the lack of job creation, the declining opportunity for education, the closing of schools, the lack of affordable healthcare, the environment, the high cost of food, our countries decaying infrastructure, more of us will be inspired to demand change.

One of my daughters travels by train to Los Angeles fairly often...on her last trip she noticed an increased number of homeless encampments.  They are easily seen along railroad tracks...She said they were 'upscale'...nice tents and campers...she said the people didn't look like what be like to think homeless people look like...they looked like us.

While we are simultaneously rebuilding and destroying Iraq and Afghanistan, 
America is becoming a third world country.... have you noticed?

....peace please

Why don't we have a department of peace?


On Fragile Wings said...

Unfortunately war is very profitable business for the
very wealthy who have much investment in arms,
tanks, jets, and also in rebuilding cities that have
been devastated by war.

That is why there is no Peace on Earth.
People need to realize the truth.

Of course we have been conditioned to believe


julie said...

Sharon, thank you for your input... And you're right...these are corporate wars for profit. And WE all need to be willing to look beyond the propaganda machine and be willing to see the truth and act on it. The reality is everywhere..xox

Angela Recada said...

You have both already said so well what I wanted to say about this. Waging endless war is such a waste of human potential.

The word verification for this comment is "liess" - yes we are surrounded by lies.

Angela Recada said...

Just took a closer look, and this list doesn't even include the Korean War. A very depressing history.

julie said...

Thanks for commenting...yes, too many's hard to believe anything the government says these's all spin and lies..lies of omission.
I think the Korean war is not mentioned is because it was never 'declared' many loopholes...guns and opposing that not war?

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