how might your life have been....

How might your life have been different if, 
when you felt time pressing in on you, 
there were a place to go where you were allowed to simply be?  
If, as you sat down silently, there were a sense of the presence of other women breathing in the stillness...waiting quietly with you?
....judith Duerk..

The four of us have gathered at a sister's forever home....
We have come together to celebrate the one year anniversary of our Sacred Circle....
There is a gentle excitement in the air as we arrive, hugging warmly...relaxing into the gladness of seeing each other.  We've brought food to share.  All vegetarian...mostly vegan.

We move together into the room where the altar is laid out and take our seats around it.
The altar is filled with our various totems and things that bring Goddess to mind.  
Flowers and candles.  It's lovely.  
Alicia is our leader today...the four of us rotate guiding the Circle  
We hold hands as she takes us in our opening meditation...
We chant to Ancient Mother...3 times.  
It opens us and brings us fully into this sacred coming together.

Dear, dear Alicia.  
A year and 9 months ago I only knew her as someone who had taken 
my Goddess Doll Workshop.

For almost 4 years I had been reading and rereading the book Sacred Circles...wanting a circle.  This is not to say I didn't have spiritual sisters...I do....but I wanted a regular coming together...I wanted ritual.. 
I had been putting it out there at various times, to various women.  Just a simple, 
"I would love to have a Sacred Circle."  The responses would vary...
but no one said, "I want one too...let's make it happen.'  
And I wanted it to be a shared experience.

Then one day, there in my email box, was a message from a friend, it simply said, 
"Alicia is interested in creating a Circle.  Here is her phone # and email."
Over the next 8 months...we talked, read the book, shared our feelings, got to know each other...and when we had nothing left to do but put out our invitation we held hands and jumped into possibility.

The first gathering was a packed house...more and more women showed up...they were curious.  Alicia and I talked a little bit about our very loose vision...we didn't want it to be ridged.  We didn't even want leadership....we were just laying the groundwork, holding the space...using the book as a guide...
We listened to what had prompted these women to accept our invitation......
some of them had a very clear vision of what they were looking for in a women's circle....and we couldn't promise how it would evolve.  
We only knew that the Circle like any other relationship would grow and change until it fit..we wanted it to be fluid...we wanted it to fit the women who would keep coming back...
We had  a few rules and guidelines about showing up and confidentiality....
about respect and non-judgement....
but the rest we trusted would come together as it should

Soon we had a core of 8 who met every two weeks....we explored ritual that felt right ...worked at gaining trust....most of the women had never met before. Then 4 left..
.time constraints, new jobs, and moving away.  Leaving us just 4.
Yes, we are small but right now it works for us.  
We have reached a place of trust...non-judgement....even love.

Today we draw goddess cards...mine is Flora...a new season of growth. 
 We check in with what is happening in our lives...we move outside to walk my portable labyrinth...with it's flowered path.
in the center we feel and voice our commitment to this our friendships....we are all very different the 4 of us...a magic mix.

We share our meal...
We swim...
We close until next time when I will lead...
What a blessing....


On Fragile Wings said...

What a beautiful story. I cannot help but think your group has come full circle.

What I mean is there was a time before all the churches and religions gained power, that women gathered in circles to worship the moon , the stars, the earth and the sky.

They celebrated their feminine wisdom and their nurturing qualities...

They were the mothers and daughters, the healers, the seers and they were one with nature and life.

Even women's menstrual cycles arrived with the cycle of the moon.

It warms my soul to see sisters of the heart gathering once again as they have done since
the beginning of time.

hugs Fragile

Tammie said...

lovely to have women to share life with
to hold sacred circle with
to witness and support
encourage and inspire
so happy for you

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