The Waltons

It's raining and snowing again here in the foothills near Yosemite...the ground is bubbles, we have streams where there shouldn't be any.  But my neighbors to the north in Oakhurst have taken a lot harder hit...too much wet snow for the Oak trees.
They split in half with the weight and in some cases the earth is seems to  spit them out at the roots. 
There is no electricity for thousands today and it's been out since Saturday
....Madera County is considering calling for a state of emergency...
Yosemite is closed...roads are impassable....trees down everywhere.  Roads everywhere are dangerous because of flash floods and slides.

tThese rainy days tend to make me want to curl up with something I love and stay still. 
 Today I checked to see if there might be a rare gem on tv I would enjoy watching......
and I found The Waltons!  Two episodes back to back...Two hour of a show I watched every week while I was pregnant with my first baby.
 I loved that show.

It is centered around a family growing up in rural Virgina in the 1930's
 during the Great Depression and WWII....they didn't have a lot but boy were they rich.  
The family consists of John and Olivia Walton, their 7 children, 
and their wise, wise, grandparents....actually they were all wise in their own way..
.they talked, shared meals and chores....
No TV .....The kids played outside...without coaches.

The stories told each week are seen through the eyes of the oldest son, john Boy, an aspiring writer.  
  He told simple stories of  his family, who were always supportive of each other. 
Each week problems would arise but within that one hour they would be solved, 
there would be healing.....
The show was about love..
did I say I really liked this was filled with spirit...

Todays shows were still as I remembered them..
and I was afraid they wouldn't be as good...
afraid they might seem just too sappy...out of date...
but they weren't,  it's still wonderful feel good TVtv
at the  end of the last episode I watched he expressed his gratitude because, 
'the love of our mother and father was more constant then the stars in the sky.'...that's the love I have for my girls..

This is my daughter.. Erin
She is named after a Walton...
what can I say..

There were three Walton daughters...Erin, Mary Ellen and Elizabeth....I liked the name Elizabeth a lot, and it was almost hers, but my stepmom was an Elizabeth and my mom wasn't going to go for that...Mary Ellen...not she became Erin.  
I think I wanted the Waltons experience of  love and trust in family for her.  
I wanted her to have the  feeling that as a team everything is better....
and that she is unconditionally loved.  
I wanted her to know life doesn't have to be filled with things to be fullfilling...and I wanted her to have a love of nature.  
Well...I think it worked, that name  

She is an amazing woman who loves unconditionally.  
One of the best women I know...
She is young, but she is strong, wise, beautiful, smart, caring and creative.  
She's a mom, a sister, wife, worker bee, friend, daughter, animal activist...
she wears all those hats with pride and heart.  

And now she is a blogger 
She is writing about her planned trip to Japan in November..
.her journey to do something for the dolphins of Taiji.  
She wants the annual slaughter to stop.
And she is willing to go there and stand witness.  
There is a saying that once you become an agent for something it becomes your responsibility to speak for it, and she is doing that.
I am proud of her passion....proud she is a passionate woman.
Take a peek at her blog...join her on her journey.


Erin said...

You almost made me cry...I love you Mom, it is because of you that I am the person I am today...

julie said...


Brianne said...

My thoughts go with your daughter Erin on her journey to Japan to speak for those who can not speak the words most others can hear. She can hear and she shares what she hears with those that can and should make the difference in the lives of the dolphins. Erin is much of who she is because of you. Congratulations. I watched the Waltons also. I grew up in a not yet developed part of coastal Florida (I'm still here - but now it's developed)and I loved the freedom we had as kids "playing" outside. In the "woods," along the lagoon, on the beach. There was very little tv or inside play. I am so thankful for that. I, today, have the natural world as the main part of my life and am so sorry for those who are deprived of nature and the experience that just hanging out in "It" can bring. I guess you and Erin understand this also. Peace to you both.

julie said...

Brianne, thank you for your post...I also grew up in an 'undeveloped' part of CA...played outside from sun up to sun down, exploring everything....not too love ago my son-in-law and I were outside looking at the stars...we live in a place where they are visible clear night..and he said to me, 'there are people in the world how have never seen a starry night'...and I suppose that is part of the problem with the ongoing destruction of the planet...people just aren't connected with Mother Earth...we can't love what we don't experience....thank you so much for stopping by...xoxoxo and for your kind words.

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