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 It's World Book Day. Game rules : Grab the book nearest to you and turn to page 56, write down the 5th sentence. Don't choose your favorite book - choose the one nearest to you right now! Post the sentence here in comments and we can see what we collectively have learned...let's share.

Here is what I got...and it is very pertinent...ah the Universe and it's messages.

"It is wise to endure difficulty with restraint, 
in this way the resolution comes sooner."


Marilyn said...

"Quiet time alone,contemplation, prayer, music, a centering line of thought or reading, of study or work." from Anne Morrow Lindbergh's "Gift From the Sea".

Suzi Smith said...

"While they drank their tea, the family would turn their bowls so that the tea absorbed the jiaka, gradually washing it away."
from Xinran- Sky Burial
jiaka is a dough made from roasted barley flour & curds... tibetan breakfast!

mmm... observance of everyday ritual... symbolic of washing away troubles, allowing them to be gently dissolved...

lol, i can turn anything into a meditation or lesson!

Sue said...

"Other houses followed suit and perfume sales have proved highly profitable ever since"

From 20th Century Fashion

Not very meditative or inspiring LOL

Brianne said...

"Because I shall believe all that you say to me" she answered simply. The Woman In White, Wilke Collins.

julie said...

This from friend Kristie who could not find a way to post it sent to me via email..

"I accepted your "page 56, fifth sentence invitation." In the closest book, page 56 was blank (between sections), so I reached for the second closest book.

"Wise Women" by Joyce Tennyson is, a collection of portraits and thoughts of women over 65. On page 56 was a photo of Ruth Turner, who just got married again; her thoughts are on the facing page, page 57, which in my book (ha ha) is close enough to count as page 56. The fifth sentence is "We have a wonderful life together, but we kept our separate apartments." I thought at first that out of context it doesn't make sense, but the more I think about it the more sense it makes, especially when I take it out of the context of Ruth Turner's life and put it into the context of mine. I think that the key to the greatest happiness that can be found in my marred marriage is to figuratively "keep my own apartment", "apart" being the operative word ... keep my own apartness, in other words. In fact, this is not only the "key" to happiness, it's the whole door!

xoxo to you Kristie..

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