....almost ready

One of a series I'm calling, 'celebrate!"......
she's ready for company!

The Art Bomb Explosion.....I had to stop and clean up......I could no longer find space to work...isn't it awful? Geez!

The Empress waits...

A little Christmas Spirit!

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Sue said...

Julie, your Celebrate piece has such a joi de vivre! She's wonderful.

Ha - your studio looks like mine at the moment, I too must straighten it abit as I'm having trouble finding things.

Love your other pieces too, particularly Christmas spirit.

Angela Recada said...

It's never too early for a little Christmas Spirit! Very cute!

Tammie Lee said...

To clean upppppp, I am in the midst of that. Christmas spirit is lovely!

julie mitchell said...

Sue, thanks you for coming by...I'm glad you like the girls. The art-bomb look seems to be quite popular with many artist studios. I do have a friend whose studio is always in perfect order...if you want a pink bead with yellow polka dots or need some only wished for item she not only has it but can send you right to it..!!
You're right Angela...we should start a Christmas Spirit all year long movement...and I don't mean buying gifts.
Tammie, are you back?
hug, hug

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