.......fabulous fairies, fabulous friends

Ellen Carnese,
fabulous artist and creator of these delightfully whimsical works, will be showing at my home studio during Sierra Art Trails open studio tour.
I'm so happy to have her here for the weekend event.
I've loved her ceramic pieces since the moment I laid eyes on them.
They make me smile and think of fairies with attitude working magic in the glen.
I like Ellen a lot too.
She is a beautiful, full of life woman...
She makes me smile.
She lives in Coarsegold and is a member of Timberline Gallery in Oakhurst, CA.

I'm in the final days of preparation....It's crazy all the things I still need to do....mail post cards, make signs, clean my studio & ready it for guests, a bit of gardening (I have no green thumb but I can grow Cosmos),
art, I have to create more Spirit Figures,
plan refreshments, etc.

Although my muse has returned she seems to be sleeping until 3 or 4 in the afternoon before she graces me with her presence.
And for one reason or another my family seems to be in need of me more than usual.

Thank Goddess for friends....I need to get 3 figures to Arts Visalia
(about a 3 hours round trip),
between now and the 28th.
Bless my friend Kathleen for agreeing to do it for me...
I just have to pack them for a short trip and a much kinder one then they would have going ups.....
The say to pack things as though they will be dropped from a 3 story building and then stomped on by elephants....that's harsh and definely causes me to say a few prayers when ever I send a figure off with them.
The reception for Arts Visalia is is on Oct. 9th, 6 ~ 8 pm.
Trails is October 3 &4...10am ~ 6pm.


vivian helena said...

I love her ceramic pieces also. Sorry I will be out of town that whole week-end. I know it will be a great success. Your studio is a treasure.
Did you get 3 pieces into Visalia, how wonderful! I hope there might be a group of ladies going to the reception, maybe we can car pool.

Tammie Lee said...

This is a lovely post of your friends art. congrats on your returning muse! Wishing you the best with all these events!

julie mitchell said...

Vivian and Tammie,
Thanks for the good wishes for art trails....On the fun with friends level I think I've got it covered, I'll be showing with some very cool women....Vivian, you will be missed.
Yes, I had 3 figures accepted into the show at Visalia...kind of interesting...I entered mother, maiden, crone and added the Shaman at the last minute in case they had room for a they juried in mother and maiden, left out crone and took the shaman.
Poor crone!
We'll try and work something out for a group...It is going to be a great show...I believe there will be work from 31 fiber artists.
hug, hug

Anita Stoll said...

Ellen, I love your ceramic creations. They are charming, full of personality. Best of luck at Art Trails.


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