I just got back from a walk, and I realized that I'd been kind of gloomy on my blog. You know, the war stuff...I wonder if working on the Amma figure has had any effect because I envision her as anti-war....and I was asking her to guide me. And I'm your basic patriotic war hater. And maybe because in the last few weeks it seems as though everywhere I go there are red, white and blue flags flying. Right now, seeing our flag brings war to my mind and the cost in lives, and the wounds both visible and invisible that families everywhere are dealing with. I'm praying the warriors young and old receive what it is they will need to heal and live.

Even the Music in the Meadow venue, here in Coarsegold, this weekend was awash in patriotic colors... the theme was Quilts of Valor...

We pledged allegiance and sang America the Beautiful. I'm betting that there were veterans there from every conflict since WW2.

It was like a 4th of july picnic...loads of bbq'd chicken, complete with beans and salad and homemade brownies....It is an annual fundraiser for the Coarsegold Museum.

There was.Blue Grass Music, and a bit of flute playing by some friends of mine. Mellow day for sure. A bit of art, and a bit of craft, and someone selling herbs and lilac plants.

I learned quilters all over the country are making quilts to be given to veterans, Quilts of Valor....a woman from CA just drove across the land to deliver some quilts (100s I think), in person, as the soldiers come off of the plane bringing them home from war to Camp Lejeune, a Marine place in North that's a drive..The quilt guild here in the foothills had made 70 or so to be sent off...the quilts...all red, white and blue...A very cool thing to do.
...quilts are comforting and warm.

I promised, while I was standing in front of the Wounded Warrior at the Memorial Gardens on our way to OR., I would blog about veterans & a little bit of war.... So bear with me please...It won't last forever. I feel as though it's important to bear witness.


Sue said...

Julie, yes it is important to bear witness and not just on Veteran's or Memorial Day, or Remembrance Day (Canada).

julie mitchell said...

It is, isn't it? Thank you for being ok with the whole war troublesome....I want a Department of Peace...We here in the US, have tons of Departments.... Dept. of Interior, Dept. of Education, Dept of Finance, ETC. and a lot of war departments...but no Peace Department...Guess I'll have to blog about that... :)

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