.....Amma, Amma, ready to go

Well, she is furnished! Amma...amen....
I'm excited because this Spirit Figure has such fabulous energy and she looks good too. ....from start to finish this figure brought everything together in such an easy finding the perfect size prayer flags in Oregon....I've put up the little mess & I deliver her either tomorrow, or Saturday. .

One of my favorite things about this experience is knowing where she is going...a very inviting, loving feels gentle...a place where I was offered tea and homemade biscuits when I arrived to talk about the figure and what the vision was. She will have some fine and wonderful art & craft & flowers around her ....I'm excited to share her with you and with the lady of the house.

It was needless hugging ...
it wasn't a greeting. It was happening all day."
-- Noreen Hajinlian,
principal of New Jersey middle school that has banned hugging.

One must be on guard against needless hugging!
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Sue said...

Looking forward to seeing
your Amma figure! I know what you mean about knowing where a piece is
going...I do think it makes a difference in the creation process.

Tammie Lee said...

So lovely how this has come together with grace! Will we get to see her? Pretty please.

ladybug said...

How exciting! I'm so looking forward to meeting her!

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