What's wrong?

Things are bad in America
it's the recession
the depression
it's the bankers 
it's the 1%
wall street
it's the Republicans
it's the Democrats
it's those damn Progressives
it's healthcare
it's the teachers
the unions
it's high taxes
it's low taxes
it's trickle down and trickle up
it's those lazy hungry folks alway looking for a handout
it's that pregnant girl
it's foreclosures
it's the cost of gas
it's the homeless
it's the illegals 
it's the legals
it's offshore drilling
it's fracking
it's American Idol
it's crime
it's the prison system
it's pot
it's guns
it's greed
it's the war machine
it's the internet 
and 911
it's religion
it's racism
and it's voter fraud
and corporations
it's corruption at the highest levels
it's the Supreme Court
and moral decay
and those damn homosexuals and on and on an on

We have a million reasons why, in this nation with so much wealth, children go to bed hungry.  We have lots of reasons why the United States has the highest first-day infant death rate out of all the industrialized countries in the world.  We have so many reasons our elderly have to choose between food and medicine, and reasons why real people die because they can't afford healthcare.. and why we can afford war after war and our military is asked to go fight again and again and again...and then brought home to no jobs and no mental health care...we have a million reasons why the United States places 17th in the developed world for education  And literacy has gone out the window and our crime rate is soaring. ..Why are there so many homeless when affordable housing is considered a human right?

Where is the hand up we always talk about in this country?  When did we start blaming the less fortunate for being less fortunate?  Has it always been about greed and I've Got Mine?  Is it still  true that a man or woman can work hard...just give it their all, and expect the American Dream? Do we really still believe in liberty and justice for we believe it is every humans right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness...or are these things just for some?  And the land of the free and home of the brave?.....are we truly free to pursue happiness, and if we are brave, why are we so afraid?
I am pointing the finger at myself here...
I don't do enough...I sometimes look the other way...
I think someone else will fix it...
There is a movie called I AM....
It asks what is wrong in the world?  
And it asks what is the solution?
and both questions have the same answer


Snowbrush said...

I agree. Very well put.

Caryl said...

The whole world over - South Africa. So sad but so true.

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