...greed and practice

I wonder what the world would be like if everyone put as much effort 
into peace and a spiritual practice 
as we do into getting stuff....??
I wonder what would it be like if we took 
more of the effort we put into making our exterior lives look good 
and put it into 
making our interior lives a little better?
Wouldn't there be a trickle down?
I wonder.


Snowbrush said...

I think it exceedingly likely that there would be a trickle down, but since people don't appear to have ever lived that way, I'm pretty pessimistic. I know that there are those who hold that the human race does get better and better, however gradually, but if this is true, it's so gradual that I can't see it.

julie said...

Hi Snow...I've missed you while I have been away from my blog...and yours.. :-)
Have you read this book...?
The Disappearance of the Universe...
it's fascinating and a bit strange...and I believe it might very well be true... Einstein believed it, and so do many other philosophers and scientist.
This little youtube blip is also worth a little peek....
Hope you are well..

Snowbrush said...

I haven't read the book.

I got a little lost in the video because after using hologram as a metaphor, the speaker went on to talk of reality as if it is an actual hologram, a claim that I couldn't follow. I will say that quantum physics is not science--nor are its conclusions accepted by the majority of physicists--due the fact that it can't be tested, but even if some of its claims are correct, what they mean is still unknown. For example, even if minute particles behave randomly, what this means for the larger universe is open to question because the larger universe doesn't appear to behave in such a way.

Snowbrush said...

Julie, the world opened up and swallowed you whole, did it? I hope you dig your way out soon.

Laura said...

I do believe this is the one and only way to co-create a kind, compassionate, loving, peaceful world. Beautiful, beautiful wise words you've shared.

Snowbrush said...

Julie, I hope we can assume that your absence is due to the fact that you've been working on your next phenomenal post.

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