Tis the season to be jolly, and offer up goodwill towards men...
but I'm not really feeling it, 
even though I'm trying.

My first response when I heard about Sandy Hook 
was to ask why anyone would be surprised?
Just take a look at the world we live in.

It took me a couple of days 
before I allowed myself to feel the horror of what happened there.  
And then I cried.  
Not just for the children of that little American town and those who loved them.  
Those poor families...the empty space in their heart.  
I slipped into crying for all the children who go to bed at night with fear in their hearts 
because of war, 
or because they live in violence, 
the sound of guns ALL the time.  
Bombs even, drones.....
children are called collateral damage in other countries.  
Or ''gang related'' deaths here in the USA.
Or they become victims of domestic violence.
Child abuse.  
Or suicide...suicide is rampant among our children.

I was listening to two teenage boys talk about Sandy Hook...
about the guns, 
they said they had friends who think war is fun, 
and can't wait to join one. 
 To my surprise they brought up the violence of video games...
they even see it.  
Do you think we might be desensitizing our children to violence?  
We pay a great deal to have 
violence brought into our homes via, games, movies, music and tv...
If violence is part of our entertainment 
why are we so stunned 
when it comes to one of our own neighborhoods in a very real way. 
There are many mentally ill out there, add guns,  fear, hate and disconnect and...
well, is it really surprising that we need to turn our schools 
into armed encampments?

Is it true?  
We reap what we sow..

When are we really going to demand a more caring society?
And I ask myself this.
When are we going to create a society that honors our children 
by truly working to come together in peace?  
When will we stop the US and THEM?
This is the season of love and magic yet there is so much fear and sorrow, why?

I don't have the answers.
We, the ''greatest'' nation, 
need to take a look at what we perpetuate here, 
and all over the world.

Look at how we are seen...are we truly the Ugly Americans?
We rain bombs down on children every day..
Turn our backs on starvation, here and ''over there''.

 It feels like a real shift in our perspective 
about what is important is desperately needed...
more love...
more reaching out...
more awareness...
more listening deeply to each other...
more working for change..
more action..
more hugs..

I think we need BIG changes...
we say we want to protect the children...
but we are doing a terrible, terrible, job.
Children all over the world are dying and aren't they all our children?


Chyfey said...

I agree with so much of what you said but don't just point the finger at the US,look here in Australia ,look world wide in fact.
I was sadden by how Sandy Hook had overwhelmed you,the magic is out there it just isn't considered news worthy .But its there ,I can prove it,this year here in oz on christmas eve in prime time they had a show about everyday angels ,people who made differences to strangers lives for no other reason than love.
We need more shows like that to balance the desensitising shows,games etc
.We need more blogs like yours to hold the mirror up so we can see clearer.
And more healers,more honest caring people ,but they are out there and getting stronger ,its just that they arn't news worthy.
On the days when I wish the world to stop so I can get off,I try to remember to breath deeply,to remember we all have choices to make,and I will always make mine with love.
And I remember also my sister ,who I care for, who suffered brain damage at birth.Her perception of the world can be very interesting at times and therefor I love the man who did the killings that little bit harder because we know not what his perception of the world was.But it hurt him enough to lash out in such a destructive way.
the old antiwar slogan was "make love not war" maybe we need one like"give love not hatred"
Take a deep breath ,think of the last nice thing that happened to you and relive it.It may help rebalance your world .
With HUGE spirit of christmas hugs,kisses and love Faye

Snowbrush said...

Now that NRA is throwing its full weight against any gun control changes, we'll see just how much influence the groups actually has.

julie said...

Snow...I'm pretty sure they will get behind the idea that only the mentally ill kill...and then they will be able to offer up stricter registration rules. And that will be that.

Faye..thank you for your thoughtful comment.
I know there are light workers everywhere...I know many of them. This is part of what I don't understand in regards to violence in the media...why do we pay for it? Why do we watch it? Why do we buy our children such graphically violent entertainment and call them games?...I don't know if the USA can ever gain it's freedom from banks and corporations, but I know that money talks...and if we stop buying violence, they will try something else...
and then again...I could be wrong.

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