....Sierra Art Trails opens tomorrow

.....I got a little rush of excitement just writing the title.  
It's been a very busy day.  So many details.  
and it's so very personal.
Everything I do to get ready is in hopes that you will like my Spirit Figures, 
my special place, and of course me.

It's inviting you into my world.
My private place where I laugh, create, dance, cry...
I want you to feel it.

I think I am 98% percent least 97%
Kathy and Laura have their spaces ready to set up bright and early tomorrow morning
My cats think all the tables and chairs are for them.
I'd take a picture but I'm too tired to do it.

It's quiet here now...lights are low
I'm breathing in the space
I know I will be blessed with many extraordinaire moments over the next 3 days 

 Some figures don't come with names...
I just know this one as Mother

this is Lucy...she isn't looking for a home..
She's just hanging out.
Waiting for tomorrow.


Tammie Lee said...

your dolls look wonderful and charming. i can only imagine it will be a good and interesting time. I would love to do that trail. We have one south of here tomorrow. If i am not too tired from work, i will visit some of the artists. Wishing you a successful day!

julie said...

Hi Tammie!! Today was a wonderful start...the 3 of us all had sales and I had several sign up for workshops. Saw people I haven't seen for a couple of years. And made a couple of new friends I think.
I wish you were close...this is an amazing group of artist up here in the supportive of this event and each other..I am feeling quite blessed. xo

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