...a sacred day?

It is Memorial Day weekend....
..Among my family and friends I haven't heard anyone express why Memorial Day was enacted way back in 1868....It was meant as a day for us to take a moment  and reflect on the men and women 
who have given their lives for our country. 
And I think we should include all the military who are wounded in ways we see and in those we don't....
I think during these times when the USA has approximately 1000 bases in 57 countries around the world  and is engaged in 3 wars, it might be time to turn Memorial Day into the sacred and solemn day it was meant to be.

6013 US military deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan and an estimated 320,000 with brain injuries..


is it really all for this?


....and if we can't come together to mourn the human cost of war....maybe the effects on our quality of life might get us up and protesting, 
demanding an end to war.
Infrastructures, education, medical care, food costs, homeownership, gas, are all taking hits as a direct result of our trillion dollar war bill.  The attempt to balance the budget will be done on the backs of those least able to endure it.
Our children and grandchildren will forever be paying for our folly and disconnect.  
Because of our apparent disregard for what is happening 'over there'.
Being the optimist that I tend to be I can't let go of my belief that there are many of us who don't believe these wars are to spread democracy or to help the countries we decide to bomb back to the stone age....or to even keep us safer....the USA is has become an Empire...all Empires fall...
 I believe many of us care and care deeply...
but we have to make our voices heard...

Dedicated to all the U.S. Military Services.


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