I like electronic trance music because it has no lyrics...every once in a while there might be a phrase that pops up but they aren't emotional for me...the are simply phrases like "are you the dream or the dreamer"...or "thoughts cross over, thoughts cross back".  
There is no emotional hook for me in this girlie hook, no memories hook.  
There is emotion, but it is the feeling of freedom, no hook...  It's a full body, in my body, takes me over kind of emotion.   

It's been almost one year since I went to my first trance dance gathering, featuring performers  who create different types of electronic music.  
Very loud electronic music....but that is part of the experience....actually being able to feel the vibration of sound.
These gathering are usually held far from "Civilization" 
because the music is loud and non-stop for most of 3 days.
It's like a heartbeat....
It is a spiritual experience when the dancers and the music become one with the beat.
..I don't why or how...but it got inside of me...the music, the dance, the people.

When I got home from that first gathering 
I borrowed a cd and started listening
and dancing in my studio...I'd dance all day with my muse.
Now, a year later, 
I realize it is a nightly ritual 
and I don't feel as good if for some reason I don't take the time to do it.

I light candles...turn on the music and begin to move...
and there are times when I just want to get out of my head..
But mostly it is a celebration....
the music and the movement speak to me somewhere outside my mind

The steps don't matter.
This dance in my studio is for me.
A reconnection with my body.

The tracks are long...10 minutes or so and I usually dance to 4 or 5...
each usually starting out slow....lulling me away from my everyday thoughts as I feel the music wash over me.  It is a wave of both letting go and a tension of feeling my body so fully.
In this kind of trance music everything builds...until it becomes primal...a chaos of sound that defies me to hold still...... begs me to partake in a frenzy of movement
Feet connected to the ground, but mind and body vibrating within another space.

Gabrielle Roth in the 'Maps to Ecstasy', says it is the rhythm of chaos in music that "is an announcement of creativity seeking form."
Maybe that is why my muse most always comes during dance

On the nights when I fully let go and enter the chaos there is always a release....and as the music slows I stay in that in-between, open and accepting place as long as I can, and I feel joyful, sure that the Universe and I were in sync for a time,
 both the dreamer and the dream.

....and so, I do it again, and again, and again....

Bracelet by Meryyln Whited



Angela Recada said...

I love this! You look amazing in that first photo! The dancing is definitely working for you, my friend.

Brianne said...

Yes! I often listen to ambient music when I work on my craft because it gives me inspiration. I like to listen to a chakra cd when I, myself, am feeling creatively, physically or any otherway stuck. And, I walk when feeling like I "need to clear my head" to get new ideas. But, you have put these together! I also love what Gabrielle Roth says about music. I soon am going to be dancing to some music that challanges the vibrations. Peace. Brianne

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