...let's take it to the streets

‎"How can I explain This? 

It might be easier if we
leave the castle
climb the walls
enter the city
and let Our Love be made in All of God's streets."

Em Claire


Julie (Tibetan Name Tenzin Dasal) said...

Wow thank you for such an amazing piece of work. It makes a lovely change to read something that is inspirational. I was looking through to find people with similar interests and I came upon your work. I have an interest in Human Rights and I am very proactive in this area especially in the Tibetan cause. I would very much like to follow your blog and would apreciate if you could check out mine even though it is a little different from your own,

Thanks Tenzin Dasal

Dena said...

Hi Julie,

I won your giveaway last year and I love her. She remains above my bed and I have had the best spiritually growing year of my life so far.

Thank You.


#324 OWOH

Kristie said...

The book I reached for is "Wise Women" by Joyce Tennyson, a collection of portraits and thoughts of women over 65. On page 56 is a photo of Ruth Turner, who just got married again; her thoughts are on the facing page. The fifth sentence is "We have a wonderful life together, but we kept our separate apartments." The more I think about it, the more sense it makes, especially in the context of my life. I think that the key to the greatest happiness that can be found in my marred marriage is to figuratively "keep my own apartment", "apart" being the operative word ... I must keep my own apartness, so to speak. My mind knows this, but my heart is a slow learner and needs frequent reminders.

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